On March 25, the 2024 autumn and winter Shanghai Fashion Week opened.The 2024 autumn and winter Mode Shanghai clothing and clothing exhibition, which is an important business carrier of Shanghai Fashion Week, took the lead in opening a new season of order in Changning International, Im Shanghai.

On March 25, the 2024 autumn and winter Shanghai Fashion Week and 2024 Autumn and Winter Mode Shanghai Clothing and Clothing Exhibition opened. The picture shows the landscape interactive device inspired by the tenon -and -mortise structure.Surging News reporter Yu Kai Tu

This season’s Mode exhibition is based on the theme of “Morning Fashion · Rongying Oriental”, and it is used to restore Oriental Aesthetics with a contemporary fashion attitude.Surging News (www.thepaper.cn) reporters saw at the scene on the 25th that the landscape interactive device inspired by the tenon -and -mortise structure as inspiration at the entrance attracted many trendy people to take pictures interactive checkups.The exhibition hall is even more crowded, and buyers from all over the world come in, and they have completed a one -stop selection order in the Mode exhibition.

Buyers can order one -stop selection of one -stop selection at the MODE.Surging News reporter Yu Kai Tu

The special presentation area on the first floor of the exhibition has selected the characteristic representatives of previous exhibitors since the founding of Mode, such as TrickCoo, a pioneer brand in the field of sports and fashion, Junne, which is characterized by knitted knitting, and Raxxy Rich, a downward development in the past three years.And MINNANHUI, who has participated many times.

Echoing the theme of “Rongying Oriental”, at the new season MODE exhibition, more and more local brands are digging the treasure house of traditional Chinese culture.According to the statistics of the Fashion Week Organizing Committee, brands related to Guofeng and Guo Chao accounted for 25%of the independent exhibitors this season, among which there are refreshing creative styles.The brand Guyue Ri Ji and ink use the non -relics technology to apply the design of the new product. The accessories brand Yan Island launched the “Sovy Series”, which shows the ancient philosophy of the ancients with twenty -four solar terms.

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