The history of the NBA league is full of incredible moments and amazing basketball legends. Here are eight of the most notable moments:

Durant not scoring more than 60 points: despite the fact that Durant is considered to be one of the top scorers of all time, it is surprising that he has never scored more than 60 points in a game. This is truly an incredible fact in his remarkable career.

186 points in a single game: High scoring games are no longer rare in the small ball era, but in 1983, the Detroit Pistons scored a record 186 points in a single game, which is still the highest single game scoring record in NBA history.

FIRST FEMALE NBA PLAYER: Ann Meyer became the first female player in NBA history, and although she didn’t make an official roster, her signing to a contract paved the way for history.

Cavaliers Finals Comeback: In the 2015-2016 NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers completed an incredible comeback from a 1-3 deficit to win their third consecutive championship.

8 Unbelievable Moments in NBA History

MOST CONTROVERSIAL HALL OF FAME PLAYER: Hall of Fame induction has always been controversial, with the most notable example being Dino Radia, who had an average NBA career but managed to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, sparking widespread controversy.

Leaving the court with 6 fouls in 3 minutes: In 1997, Mavericks rookie Bubba Wells was ejected after committing all 6 fouls in just 3 minutes on the court, setting an NBA record for the fastest ejection from a game.

Single-game foul limit: In a 1949 game, Anderson’s team committed 66 fouls, a record that remains unbroken, meaning 11 players were ejected under the rules at the time.

7 fouls before going down: In 1999, Carl Bowdler of the Hawks left the game with 6 fouls, but after the game the referees realized that there was a statistical error and that he had actually committed 7 fouls, which became the first recorded situation in NBA history.

These moments and events fully demonstrate the diversity and incredible nature of NBA history, leaving fans in shock and amazement time and time again.

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