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Use the wheel to measure the most beautiful track, and enjoy Gao Chunchun with cyclists!On the morning of March 24th, Bank of Ningbo 2024 Ling Nanjing Metropolitan Cycling and the Grand Canal Bicycle Series (Nanjing Gaochun Station) officially departed.Rainbow track, feel the collision between speed and passion, and enjoy the joy of cycling and the smooth competition.

In order to add the charm of this event, the organizing committee has ingeniously planned the wonderful non -heritage cultural warmth performance.Although the sky is not beautiful, the rainy rain is sprinkled, but this has not extinguished the enthusiasm of the audience.As the sound of cheerful gongs and drums sounded, the pony lamp performance began. The performers turned into a lively and lovely pony, taking a brisk step, and from time to time, the five -corner array, double -ducts, “the world’s peace” swinging words, martyrdomHorse such as horses.The performance of the dragon and lion dance is even more magnificent. The dragon body winds and hovers, and the lion head is strong and majestic. Every time it jumps, every time it rolls, it shows the majesty and strength of Chinese culture.The audience was deeply attracted by this performance, and they made a lot of applause. The cultural feast in the rain not only showed the charm of Gao Chun’s non -heritage culture, but also made people feel the enthusiasm and vitality of traditional culture in the rain.

The number of applicants in this competition was hit, with 390 men’s groups and 75 women’s groups, showing Gao Chun’s unique charm and profound heritage as the international slow city.This event attracted a large number of bicycle sports enthusiasts to gather together. Gao Chun’s lakes and mountains were circulating between wheels. Participants enjoyed the happiness and passion brought by the bicycle movement.

After fierce competition, William Taylor Price won the men’s championship with a score of 1 hour, 05 minutes and 46 seconds.Zhou Cheng and Zhang Zhenyi won the second and third places of the men’s group.

Qu Qian won the women’s championship with a score of 1 hour, 06 minutes and 50 seconds, and Zou Xia and Guo Shihui won the second and third place respectively.

It is worth mentioning that on the day of the competition, the organizing committee invited 10 athletes from Shanghai Disabled Persons to participate in the competition.Disabled, competitive in the same field, and the players of the disabled show a good competitive state.

This competition has been optimized and adjusted to the race route. The single circle length of the track is 9 kilometers.The track is wider than in the past, and the carefully created Rainbow Road is like a beautiful landscape line lying in a green countryside.The climbing of the new track is slow, and the ups and downs are facilitated to show their strengths and play their best competition levels.

The adjusted cycling track, passing through Zhenru Zen Temple, Shilong Temple, Lazy Cloud Temple, Yunqi Plancelona and other scenic spots to connect Gao Chun more landmarks into lines.With the chase and sweat, the riders felt the pulse of the development of the international slow city in the wheel galloping, and tasted the millennium context that was full of ancient charm.

Photo source: WeChat public account Gaochun Cultural Sports Brigade

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MLS Football Jersey