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On April 25, Suzhou Kodo Education Technology Co., Ltd. (Kohit Education, 300192.SZ) released the annual report of 2023 and the first quarter of the 2024 report.
In 2023, Corder Education’s operating income was 771 million yuan, a decrease of 2.94%year -on -year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 138.5 million yuan, an increase of 83.6%year -on -year; the net cash flow generated by operating activities was 273 million yuan, an increase of 66.56%year -on -year increased by 66.56%Essence
In the first quarter of this year, Corder Education’s operating income was 187.5 million yuan, an increase of 10.46%year -on -year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 40.74 million yuan, an increase of 13.94%year -on -year.
The main businesses of Cordon Education include education and ink business. The education business includes secondary vocational schools, full -time schools, and vocational skills training.In 2023, Kodo Education’s educational business revenue was 357 million yuan, accounting for 46.3%of total operating income, of which vocational schools and repeated product revenue was 353 million yuan, and the gross profit margin was 47.8%.
Copy Education said that the main reasons for the growth of the company’s operating performance include: benefiting from the steadyness of the external operating environment, the service quality and operating efficiency of the company’s education and teaching have steadily improved, and the profit growth of the company’s vocational education sector has grown rapidly.
In order to develop vocational education, teaching and talent training in the field of artificial intelligence, in April 2023, the company contributed 130 million yuan to participate in Zhonghaoxinying (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd.As of now, the company holds 7.7971%of Zhong Haosin Ying.Candy Education nominated candidates as directors of Zhonghao Xinying. The company has the power to participate in decision -making on Zhonghao Xinying’s finances and operations and can impose a significant impact. ThereforeWith full communication, the company’s investment in Zhonghao Xinying’s participation as a long -term equity investment accounting.In 2023, the company confirmed the investment income of 7.3588 million yuan in accordance with its net profit.
According to the “Capital Increase Agreement” signed by the company and Zhonghao Xinying and its shareholders, Zhonghao Xinying promised: The total sales revenue of the two years from 2023-2024 must not be less than 760 million yuan, of which the total sales revenue in 2023 shall not be less than 2.08100 million yuan.Zhonghaoxinying achieved operating income of 485 million yuan in 2023, and its net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company was 81.3264 million yuan.According to the “Capital Increase Agreement”, Zhonghao Xinying completed the performance commitment in 2023, and did not trigger the performance commitment compensation obligations.
Zhonghaoxin British -owned business is the research and development, design and sales of artificial intelligence core chips such as various cloud servers and data centers, and provides customers with rich chip products and system software solutions.The main products include reasoning chips, training chips, and basic system software platforms that support the above products.
In the field of education, the company will jointly explore the large model application in vocational education with Zhonghao Xinying.
As of April 25, Corder Education closed at 10.42 yuan/share, an increase of 1.66%.
Surging news reporter Liu Chang
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