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People’s Daily Online, Changchun, April 20 (Reporter Guan Sicong) In order to explore the new system, new path, and new model of the reform and development of regional education and teaching, it provides “net monthly experience” in the new round of high -quality education in the country.On April 19, the Education Bureau of Changchun Jingyue High -tech Zone held the launching conference of the National Education and Teaching Reform Experimental Zone and the Group’s running school reform and mobilization conference to answer questions from the era of “strong country construction and education”.
meeting venue.People’s Daily Guan Sicong Photo
At the meeting, the “Working Plan for the Experimental Zone of the National Compulsory Education and Teaching Reform of the Jingyue High -tech Zone” was read out, and the implementation strategy of “project alliance implementation+expert tracking guidance+government support guarantee+dot and line gradually pushed away” was determined;Theme teaching project alliance, large unit vision of classroom teaching exploration project, special curriculum construction project, student comprehensive literacy evaluation project, its enhancement project in the large scientific field, and the 6th teaching reform experimental area projects of the whole regionList; announced the Education Group of Xiaogui Experimental School Education Group, Changchun Foreign Language Experimental School Education Group, Jilin Province Second Experimental Ocean School Education Group, Huibing School Education Group, Shanze School Education Group, Shengyun School EducationGroup, Mingze School Education Group, Changchun Nanhu Experimental Middle School Education Group, and Changchun Foreign Language Experimental School Yingxuan Campus Education Group 9 net month high -tech zone group -based school -based construction list.
Achieve a co -construction alliance.People’s Daily Guan Sicong Photo
After nearly eight years of hard work since the “Thirteenth Five -Year Plan” of Jingyue High -tech Zone, it has achieved the development of society from small to large, from small to large, and the society’s reputation and the satisfaction of the people have been significantly improved.A good situation of upward and balanced development.
“We must take the initiative to see changes, grab the first machine and get good achievements in the tide of a new round of education and teaching reform. Focus on projects and promote the work of the national education and teaching reform experimental area.Protecting measures to ensure that the experimental projects achieved significant results.
Teach a license for the group school.People’s Daily Guan Sicong Photo
In recent years, the education work of Jingyue High -tech Zone has adopted the “1+1” group running model according to the characteristics of the rich educational resources of the region.Education development clusters are fully integrated and docking in high -quality educational resources in the district.According to the different samples of each group, the Jingyue High -tech Zone Education Bureau has determined the contents of the groups and shared by each group, and achieved the accurate and personalized development of the group’s reform to achieve the high -quality and balanced development of regional education.
In the future, Jingyue Education will bring together the entire region’s education joint efforts to achieve material resources, manpower, and policies, to achieve breakthroughs and innovation of experimental projects at a high level, explore new experiments, new paths, and new models of regional education and teaching reform and development.A footprint to grasp the quality of education and teaching, deepen, and carefully, to achieve the overall strength from the outside to the inside, so that the education that the people are satisfactory will be implemented.and strength.

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