China News Service reporter Zhang Jun

  ”Artificial Sun”, advanced light sources, quantum computers … In Hefei, Anhui, Yang Yuanfan, a doctoral student of the University of Science and Technology of China, and his team are committed to presenting scientific principles and major scientific achievements to the publicspread.

  Yang Yuanfan’s “Visual Science” team was established in 2022. It originally originated from the universities of the University of Science and Technology of China. The average age of the team was only 24 years old.Their goal is to become a “translator” of science. Through image technology, the audience leads the audience from a new perspective to understand the scientific laboratory and feel the temperature and beauty of science.

  ”At that time, when we were in the school, we came into contact with many top scientists and found that they all had great scientific stories. We were thinking about whether we could be a scientific” translator ‘to help them tell them. “Yang Yuanfan said that they hope to become a bridge between scientists and the public and help scientists tell their scientific stories.

  The first visual science project made by Yang Yuanfan’s team was the “array large -caliber laser radar” of the second phase of the Wuwu Project.This project not only has high technical requirements, but also faces challenges in understanding the research results of scientists.In order to overcome these difficulties, the team has formed a scientific advisory group composed of experts in multiple fields to ensure that they can accurately convey scientific principles and achievements.

  ”We are pursuing the combination of science and art, because I believe that this science is very beautiful. How to reflect such a scientific beauty is difficult.” Yang Yuanfan introducedThere are many backgrounds, half from science and engineering, and the other half from art colleges, which reflects the concept of the combination of science and art.

  Yang Yuanfan believes that scientific visualization is a extensive definition, including all ways that can present scientific achievements.The “Visual Science” team not only produces scientific animation, but also explores virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology, as well as using AI generation content (AIGC) to accelerate the production of scientific visual products, so that scientific principles and technological achievements can changeIt is more sensible and even solve.

  At present, Yang Yuanfan and the team are still continuing their scientific communication journey to add power to Hefei’s scientific and technological innovation.”We are also doing some visualization work around Hefei’s large scientific devices, because now Hefei has built and operated 4 large scientific devices, and 9 are under construction.” Yang Yuanfan said that future expectations come around the surrounding surroundHefei’s large scientific device to help Hefei’s large scientific devices show and publicize the results.

  ”Our goal is to become the most artistic team in the scientific field, and the most scientific team in the art field.” Yang Yuanfan introduced that the team’s scientific theme art exhibition held inside and outside the school is also to make science visualization and make science beauty with beauty.Methods are seen and understood by more people.

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