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A sub -health state is a low -quality health state between health and disease, and is also known as the state of disease or the state of disease.According to WHO’s statistics, 75%of people around the world are in sub -health, and this phenomenon has a trend of youth.

How to judge whether it is in sub -health?

The diagnosis of sub -health has no clear “gold standard”, but it can be judged through the following steps:

1. Cover the health status according to the health standards formulated by WHO.

2. A healthy state and experience in physical and mental, emotional, and emotion.

3. Through the medical examination and various laboratories and equipment examinations to eliminate the organic lesions.

The symptoms of sub -health include fatigue, fatigue, insomnia, dizziness, poor dizziness, poor resistance, emotional fluctuations, digestive system disorders, headache, nails with vertical white spots, and long spots on the face.

The classification of sub -health includes:

1. Skin sub -health: mainly based on physical symptoms such as fatigue, pain, sleep disorders.

2. Psychological sub -health: mainly mental and psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety and anger, fear of fear, concentration of attention, memory loss, etc.

3. Social communication sub -health: mainly based on decreased frequency of interpersonal communication, tight interpersonal relationships, and decreased social adaptability.

The situation that is prone to sub -health includes excessive tension and stress, adverse lifestyle and habits, adverse effects of environmental pollution, adverse spirit and psychological factors.

How to prevent sub -health?

1. Healthy diet: take sufficient nutrients and water, and have a degree of diet. It is recommended that each meal has grain miscellaneous grains and vegetables and fruits, reduce greasy and high -calorie foods, and eat less spicy and irritating food.

2. Adhere to exercise and outdoor activities: Do aerobic exercise for more than 150 minutes per week, take the sun regularly, breathe fresh air, to enhance immunity, improve the function of cardiovascular system, and regulate nerves and reduce pressure.

3. Avoid staying up late: Staying up late will cause problems such as decreased body immunity and memory loss. It is recommended to maintain a 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

4. Reasonable arrangement: Learn to cut the work and sort them one by one to achieve one by one to achieve today’s things to improve today to improve work efficiency, reduce psychological pressure, and increase your sense of accomplishment.

5. Quit smoking limited wine: reduce drinking and smoking quitting.

6. Strengthen personal hygiene: keep your body clean, hand hygiene, change clothes frequently.

7. Cultivate interest and soothing pressure: Participate in cultural and entertainment activities to make life more fulfilling and rich.Learn to relax and maintain psychological balance through psychological regulation.Establish a practical goal, and avoid excessive self -expectations and cannot achieve psychological pressure.

8. Strengthen the awareness of prevention of disease: “eliminate the unclear”, prevent treatment, establish awareness of prevention, and actively regular medical examinations.

9. Actively do a good job of health management

The high -voltage potential therapy can be used to use the Kobe Hypertext potential treatment instrument for personal health management. The high -power therapy used by the Kobe’s high -voltage potential therapy instrument is a green physical therapy.The electric field effect similar to the nature of the field acts on the whole, and improves the overall health level of the human body. It is a green therapy that integrates prevention, health care and rehabilitation.Essence

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