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Yu Shengbaigu, all things are updated

Tomorrow will usherGuyu solar terms

After the rain soil, the weather warms warm, and the rainwater increases significantly

It is a critical time for the growth of cereal crops to grow

In addition, spring breeze and smooth, spring flowers are gorgeous

Guyu solar terms are also played with youths

A good time to “fast charging” for your body and mind

Do some outdoor sports at this time

Can promote physical metabolism

Empty wet air in the body

Feel the beauty of nature and sports harmony

Live this great time

Archery is a movement that is very suitable for outdoor

It is worth mentioning that four days later

2024 Archery World Cup-Shanghai Station is about to start

Today, I will talk to you about the archery exercise

At the end of the article, there are good places to experience archery sports at the end of the article

Don’t miss it

{{The event is watched}

2024 Archery World Cup-Shanghai Station

From April 23rd to April 28th, the 2024 Archery World Cup-Shanghai Station will once again meet with us in Pudong, Shanghai to share this top feast.The event qualifications and knockouts will be held at the Pudongyuan Stadium in Shanghai from April 23 to 26. The final will be held at Binjiang Financial Plaza from Pudong from April 27th to 28th.

Founded by the World Arrow Federation in the 2006 World Cup in the 2006 World Cup, it landed in Shanghai for the first time in the same year. Then this event was settled in Shanghai Pudong for 11 consecutive years from 2009 to 2019. After three years of saying, after three years,Back and back.This year is the Olympic year. As a category of Class A, the Shanghai Station of the 2024 World Cup Shanghai Station is not only the unveiling battle in the new season, but also the Paris Olympic Games points. Top scooters from various countries will start the final sprint for the Olympic points.

{{Getting started with flower head}

Archery movement is an ancient exercise

Shanghai, which is fashionable and modern, is constantly glowing and vibrant

The arrow guests bend their bow and arrows


Next, send it to you

Archery exercise entry teaching

Help you wear Yang, hundreds of middle!

1. Raise your bow and pre -aim

The center of gravity moves slightly, and the body keeps upright.Raise the bow and open the bow, do not shrugging, do not mention it, do not show any offset in the head position.

Aiming above Huang Xin or someone feels suitable, and then make subtle adjustments during the opening process. Note that this adjustment process is generally from top to bottom.

2. Open bow and lean position

Opening bow is the symmetrical force of the front support and the string pulling back. The opening of the bow should be as shapely and long. The direction of the front and rear force should be as straight as possible.Also cooperate with the pre -sight.

When you rely on the position, the position of the hand is close to the lower right of the chin, and the bow string is attached to the right side of the right nose and the right side of the lips.The force line that is close to the pen is the most appropriate. If there is a loud film, it should be adjusted to a relying film. It is the most suitable.

3. Aiming and continuous force

The right eye passes through the target heart to the front line. The aiming must rely on the consistency of the movement. The center of gravity of the body, the offset of the head and tail, the change of the lean position, and the consistency of the sprinkler will all affect the fall of the arrow branch.At the same time, the slight shaking in aiming is also normal.

After relying on the position, the straight line should be continued. You should pay attention to the symmetry that the front and the rear hands are on both ends.After living on your lips or nose), you can put it on.

4. Sprinkle and bow

The back of the arm of the forearm is relatively relaxed, the strength is transferred to the back muscle, and the bow string all rely on the force of the flexing muscle. When the signal sheet sounds, the flexing muscles are relaxed, and the bow string will slip out of the fingers.After the arrow support, the bow will pop from the athletes, and the bow rope will work to prevent the bow line from falling.

Tips for small bodies: There are no absolute or wrong movements, only suitable for yourself and not suitable for yourself.

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