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  Education evaluation is related to the direction of education.In order to implement the decision -making and deployment of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on the “Improvement of School Management and Education Evaluation System”, comprehensively implement the “General Plan for Deepening the Reform of Education Evaluation Reform of the New Era of the New Era” and encourage schools in various places to explore and promote the reform of education evaluation.The Department of Education has organized three groups of typical cases of education evaluation reform.In order to give full play to the role of advanced and typical demonstrations and expand the radiation surface and influence of reform, the “Guangdong Education” WeChat public account launched a column to introduce typical cases of education evaluation of various universities for reference to reference.

  Jinan University:

  Category training multiple evaluations

  Cultivation of top -notch innovative talents

  Jinan University has taken multiple measures to promote the overall reform of degrees and graduate education. Through deepening classification and training and optimizing the comprehensive evaluation system of innovation results, we will focus on improving graduate innovation capabilities and cultivating top -top innovative talents.


  1. Main practice

  (1) Deepen classification and training, accurate policies, and implement a plan for the integration of science and education, education and production and education, and form a special education mechanism of integration of science and education and integration of production and education.The first is to improve the mechanism for the integration of science and education, and strengthen the cultivation of the scientific research and innovation ability of academic degrees.Aiming at the forefront and key areas of technology, strengthen system scientific research training, and support high -quality graduate training with large teams, platforms, and large projects.The “Implementation Measures for the Cultivation Project of Doctoral Students of Jinan University” was released to guide graduate students to conduct scientific research on cutting -edge issues, and focus on cultivating the scientific spirit, innovative thinking and research ability of graduate students.The second is to strengthen the integration of production and education, promote the training of professional degree graduate talents with the organic integration of industry and industry and industry development, and guide and encourage industry enterprises to participate in all aspects of talent training.Focus on construction of teaching cases and practical bases, and strengthen the practical and innovative ability of professional degree graduate students.Implement the “Administrative Measures for the Professional Practice of Professional Degree Graduates of Jinan University”, “Implementation Plan for the Combination of Graduate Training Bases for the Integration of Industry and Education Integration of Jinan University and Enterprises of Enterprises”, and amend the “Several Opinions on Further Promoting the Development of Professional Degree Graduate Education”Reform of professional degree graduate training model.

  (2) Adhere to innovation and leadership, quality priority, organize a postgraduate innovation forum, amend the method of identifying the results of the application degree, and promote the comprehensive reform of the evaluation of innovation results.Graduates of different disciplines, different levels, different categories, and different training methods have their own characteristics and practical methods, and the formation forms formed are different.Establish a “Zhihui Innovation · Graduate Innovation Forum” in Jinan University, and in the form of “college branch forum+school general forum” to carry out a comprehensive evaluation reform of innovation results and create a campus cultural brand with graduate characteristics.The types of results participating in the innovation forum include academic papers, invention patents, subject competitions, application research results, creative results, etc.Each sub -forum self -determined evaluation criteria and rules, the selected representative results are recommended to the school, and the results of the school general forum are displayed on -site to reward outstanding results.The initiative of the evaluation of innovation achievements returns to the characteristics of the discipline, highlighting the quality of results and the contribution of graduate innovation.Amend the “Implementation Rules for the Implementation of the Standards for Innovation Achievement of Academic Graduates in Jinan University”.Each discipline forms a suitable classification and evaluation method based on its own situation, actively create a harmonious academic environment, focuses on cultivating the innovative consciousness and innovation ability of graduate students, guides teachers and students to concentrate on academic research, and truly implement the talent training goals of the people.Reform measures mainly include: adhere to the guidance of comprehensive evaluation, focus on academic organization’s recognition of academic achievements, and focus on the role of peer evaluation.


  Second, work effectiveness

  (1) The integration of science and education and the integration of production and education is initially formed, and the results of high -quality innovation in graduate students have continued to emerge.In terms of scientific research, since 2021, the school has funded 90 doctoral students to carry out innovative research through three rounds of “doctoral students’ top innovative talent training project”.In 2021, 149 graduate students published 188 high -level papers, and 15 graduate students received 21 national authorized invention patents. In 2022, 285 graduate students published 351 high -level papers, and 23 graduate students received 28 national authorized invention patents.Many doctoral students have published papers or results in Nature, international artificial intelligence top academic journals, four major medical journals, and optical journals.In terms of practice and innovation, the construction of practical bases and professional degree case libraries has been continuously advanced. As of now, all units in the school have signed a contract to establish 218 graduate joint training bases.Since 2021, a number of professional dissertations and teaching case libraries have been rewarded by national levels.In 2021 and 2022, the National Finals of China International “Internet+” College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, a graduate team won a total of 2 gold, 4 silver and 3 copper.Relying on school -enterprise cooperation and competition platforms, the practical results of master’s degree students have shifted from experiments to industry, from theoretical to application, and won the National “Internet+” college student innovation and entrepreneurial competition national finals industry propositions of the China International.prize.

  (2) The reform of the comprehensive evaluation of graduate innovation results with diversified participation and classification evaluation has been implemented steadily.The school’s Graduate Innovation Forum has been held for two years, and the reform and investment in the training of graduate innovation ability and the construction of innovation cultural construction have begun to achieve results.The innovation forum project not only has the effect of piloting the diversified evaluation of innovation results, but also fully mobilize the enthusiasm of teachers and students from various colleges to participate in innovative exchanges.From the perspective of graduate training, the college sets different evaluation index systems based on its own discipline characteristics, which highlights the differences between different academic subjects, ensuring the professionalism of innovative results evaluation, and truly implemented “classification evaluation, similar comparison”.Promoting the characteristics of discipline characteristics and the effectiveness of the training of talents in various disciplines play an important role.In 2021, 12 colleges held sub -forums. There were 4 types of innovation achievements participating in the display. There were 24 representatives of graduate students to recommend to the school.In 2022, 20 colleges held sub -forums, and there were 5 types of innovation achievements participating in the display. 38 graduate representatives were recommended to the school.Fusion (Practice Competition and Product/Works).The Graduate Innovation Forum Project is becoming a characteristic brand for schools to improve graduate innovation capabilities and promote innovative culture construction.The “Research on the Comprehensive Evaluation Mechanism of Graduate Cultivation of Graduate Cultivation in the New Era” has been approved by the provincial talent plan project.

  Guangdong Industry Technical College:

  Teaching “+” guide production and teaching section fusion

  New path of higher vocational teachers’ annual assessment

  The Guangdong Light Industry Vocational and Technical College in -depth implementation of the “General Plan for Deepening the Reform of Education Evaluation in the New Era”, facing the non -leadership positions of the second -level units, with the guidance of teaching “+”, and innovatively carried out the “hierarchical, modular, more more levels of membersDimensions, incremental “assessment practice exploration, improving the enthusiasm of faculty and staff work, and promoting the sustainable development of schools.


  ”From point to area”

  Open the new ideas of the annual assessment of all members

  The annual assessment of teaching workers is generally carried out at the end of each year or early next year. According to the established process and assessment table of the school’s personnel department, self -evaluation and departmental evaluation are conducted from the aspects of work attitude and performance.The five grades of basic qualifications and unqualified, the results are linked to the evaluation of job titles.In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of faculty and staff, the school proposes the assessment ideas of “standardizing strong quality, promoting value -added, and deep integration of production and texture”, establish a stratified classification performance point assessment system, and hires with year -end performance, hiresPeriodic assessment and job title are promoted.The first is to implement the “teaching+” strategy, the workload of teaching work, and advocate that teachers should not be just teaching. They should also actively carry out social services, scientific research and other tasks, and integrate production and education sections.The second is to integrate the school’s strategic goals and personnel requirements, modify the work content of the post, and highlight the teaching, scientific research, social services and other indicators.The third is to divide the modules of different levels with performance points, decentralize the right to evaluate, evaluate the process of series and results, and expand the evaluation index dimension.Fourth, the iconic results are constructed and incorporated into an incremental evaluation.Through the “simultaneous growth of quality”, the school has stabilized the development goals of the high -quality connotation of blurred, stimulated the motivation of teaching and staff to carry out production textbooks, and promoted the comprehensive evaluation reform of the school to improve quality and efficiency.


  ”Quality and Moon”

  Establish a new framework for all year assessment

  Taking the comprehensive evaluation reform pilot as the traction, the annual assessment framework is restructured.

  Implement “hierarchical” classification evaluation.Based on the type of post, position title, etc., the faculty and staff echelons with high job matching, clear levels, and strong continuity, including teaching -type full -time teachers, teaching and scientific research, teaching and research room director, training series teachers, counselors, and counselorsAs well as members of the party and government office, instructor, and scientific research management staff, the implementation of full coverage of layered classification evaluations, promoting the continuous development of teaching and working echelons, and not dropping files.

  Establish a “modular” performance list.Focusing on new requirements such as strengthening the integration of production and education sections, the layered modular assessment content that is “suitable for human work” is formulated, such as sorting out basic modules such as teaching work, scientific and technological services, training, professional construction, college work, etc.Ensure the integrity of the post assessment content.The performance points are embedded in the hierarchical module through the “layered assignment” to effectively balance the weights, formulate the basic performance points requirements of various types of personnel, the list of module performance points, and the list of additions and subtraction to make the evaluation more objective and comprehensive.

  Optimize the “multi -dimensional” assessment benchmark.Based on the responsibilities and tasks of faculty and staff, comprehensively assess Germany, energy, diligence, performance, and integrity. At the same time, combined with the quality requirements of the new era of higher vocational teachers in the new era, highlight the primary position and “performance” of “virtue” in the assessment.The key status, such as the first standard of ideological and political performance and teacher morality, build a long -term assessment mechanism, and implement a one -vote of teachers’ morality and ideology.Evaluation of achievements and other.

  Highlight the “incremental” connotation evaluation.Explore differentiated and flexible assessments, implement the evaluation of iconic results, and include all aspects of the teachers’ production and teaching departments. For example, the science and technology services, training and professional construction performance points are not capped, focusing on the quality of lectures, counselor workstations, laboratories and laboratories and laboratories and laboratories and laboratories.The connotation construction elements such as performance such as performance of large instruments and equipment can be combined with the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of key elements of connotation construction.At the same time, establish a new mechanism for the assessment of connotation construction, the school will make a co -ordination system assessment system, implement the status of independent assessment of the second -level unit, decentralize the right to assess the evaluation right to the corresponding management department, and the distribution right of iconic results to the leaders of the results. According to the actual situation, according to the actual situationAutonomously determine, improve the assessment plan, establish an incremental evaluation method, and implement dynamic and flat management.


  ”Three increases and two decreases”

  Do a good job in the annual assessment of the whole member

  Pass the “three increases and two minors” to ensure the annual assessment work assessment and examination.”Three increases” first is to increase the “Measures for the Reward of Major Achievements”, “Research and Technical Services Award Measures”, “Measures for Management and Performance Evaluation of the Joint Center of Industry and Education”, “Methods of Counselor Work Station” and other special assessment and evaluation systems.The connotation construction of iconic results.The second is to increase full digital technical support, improve the construction of the annual assessment system of the smart campus 3.0 platform, optimize performance target settings, improve key indicators, addition and subtraction lists, democratic evaluation and other functional modules.The third is to increase the transformation of the assessment results, effectively connect with the reform of professional title evaluation, salary system, personnel employment, etc., and exertion the same direction.”Two reductions” is reflected in the establishment of “people -oriented, highlighting performance; evaluation of evaluation with evaluation, promoting reform, and decentralization.” First, to reduce the subjectivity and randomness of annual assessment, through standardization, institutionalization, and digital operationsThe assessment link; the second is to reduce the burden on teachers’ teaching work, strengthen the construction of the teacher’s teaching team and the construction of scientific research teams, capacity on the performance point of the teaching module, and promote the integration of production and education sciences and high -quality education for teachers.

  Guangzhou Transportation Vocational School:

  Build the “13425” labor education evaluation mode

  Improve the comprehensive quality evaluation of secondary vocational students

  The Guangzhou Transportation Vocational School is centered on students, and the results of the output and work processes are guided. It will build the “13425” labor education evaluation model, and give full play to the comprehensive educational results of laborer education tree virtues, increasing wisdom, strong body, and educating beauty.


  Main approach

  (1) With the “Lide Tree” as the regression point, the goal of labor education evaluation is achieved.Labor education evaluation returns to the fundamental task of education, “Lide Shi”, improves students ‘labor literacy, and promotes the improvement of students’ comprehensive quality.


Figure 1 Labor evaluation target achieves a circular diagram

  (2) Based on “what to evaluate”, the design of the three dimensions of design, the design of the design, the design of the three dimensions of the evaluation index system

  1. Three contents, determine the list.According to the three types of “daily life labor, volunteer service labor, productive labor”, clarify the school’s “labor education+” full course system, sort out the labor list, and segmented the observation of labor literacy.


Figure 2 Labor Education+full curriculum system

  2. Four dimensions, clear indicators.In accordance with the guidance of labor education in large, middle schools of the Ministry of Education, establish evaluation indicators and design evaluation scores expected results.


Table 1 Labor Education Evaluation Index


Figure 3 Evaluation score use expected results effective

  3. Specific practice, visualization of labor.Apply labor education evaluation indicators to specific labor practice.For example, the sanitary labor of the Qianzan District, students can insist on participating in campus construction every day, and at the same time develop good labor habits, and learn to live skills.

  (3) Taking “how to evaluate” as the point, implement two labor education evaluation methods

  1. Process evaluation.Strengthen the processing evaluation, include participating in the study and practice of labor education courses into the comprehensive quality archives of student students, and in accordance with the implementation of various aspects of education and teaching (teaching, learning, activities, management, and services), and in the process of labor practiceIndications, and process evaluations best reflect the dynamic development of students, which consistent with the growth of students, and the specific performance is as follows.

  (1) Refined evaluation.Refined evaluation has updated the students’ learning outlook, detailed the guidance of students’ learning methods, and promoted the optimization of students in labor practice. Based on evaluation data, teachers can guide students’ problems in a targeted manner, and realize the evaluations to promote the promotion of evaluation.Teaching, allowing students to better establish the correct labor concept, gain necessary labor ability, cultivate a positive spirit of labor and develop good labor habits and quality.

  (2) value -added evaluation.Labor education realizes daily, weekly, monthly, and every semester evaluation. Students can see their quantitative performance every day, week, and semester in real time to check the missing and missing shortage in a timely manner.To recognize the enthusiasm of inspiring students to work, and establish the concept of labor.For example, carry out small workers, civilized dormitories, excellent class evaluations, etc.

  (3) Informatization evaluation.Based on the mature and developed class comprehensive evaluation -the labor education scoring value form, use the online form and the super -star Sanquan Education Platform APP to explore the realization of the processing process from static to dynamic, from the class comprehensive labor evaluation of the class to students to studentsPersonal labor evaluation, focusing on the storage records of data and the vertical extension of the time period of the evaluation time period to achieve visual and timely effects, and at the same time provide strong data support for the improvement of students’ comprehensive quality.

  2. Results -oriented evaluation.In response to the characteristics of comprehensiveness, practicality, openness and targetedness of labor courses, the result evaluation is organically integrated in the processing evaluation, implemented monitoring and documentary evaluation, exerted the supervision and improvement function of labor education evaluation, improved and improved labor literacyevaluate.For example, the results of the results of the semester of labor education: The “Labor Education” course completes 20 hours per semester, and the total time hours are 80 hours.Complete the study of “Living Labor Education”, “Labor Practice Activity” and “Public Welfare Labor Education” for study, and obtain 0.5 credits per semester, with a total of 2 credits.

  (4) With “who will comment” as the key point, the five major labor education evaluation subjects are established.One is the self -evaluation of students and self -examination of the labor situation; the second is the mutual evaluation of classmates and adopts the method of class cadre evaluation.Teachers, labor education teachers, professional courses and other teachers participating in the teaching subject evaluation; Fifth, the participation of social enterprises participating in the evaluation, and the community and enterprises to participate in the labor education they participated in.The five major subjects evaluate all the participation of members to ensure that the evaluation of labor education is comprehensive and the whole process is carried out.

  Work effect

  The “13425” labor education evaluation model enables the school’s labor education to form a benign learning mechanism. There are 8 existing model workers and master studios; relying on the 48 school -enterprise cooperation projects, it will form a campus culture of school -enterprise labor education.

  In the past five years, the school has trained nearly 10,000 talents in the Greater Bay Area, with 95.96%of the satisfaction of students, 98.90%of parent satisfaction, and 96.80%of employers satisfaction;There are 7 models of labor models and technical experts, with a batch of labor models and technical experts in various regions.

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