Our newspaper Nanning, March 24th (Pangge Ping, Wei Xiani, He Yushuang) The Ecological Environment Department of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the dynamic update of the ecological environment zoning of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has been recorded after the review of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.According to the basic principles of “ecological priority, stable pattern”, “stable pattern”, “based on actual situation”, “in accordance with laws and regulations, scientific norms,” the basic principles of the region will be designated as 1673 environmental control units, of which the land environmental control unit 1461 is 1461In one, 212 environmental control units of the sea area, the overall coverage of the region’s sea and land.The global environmental control unit increased by 69 over the previous round.

  According to reports, the renewal of the results of the control of the ecological environment zoning of the ecological environment has been updated and optimized for ecological protection red lines and general ecological space, environmental quality bottom line, resource utilization, environmental control unit, and ecological environment access list.After the update, the spatial pattern of the priority protection unit maintains basically stability, and the spatial pattern of the control unit is matched with the environmental governance pattern.A total of 1,461 environmental control units in the region of the region have increased by 36 from before update, of which 831 are prioritized, an increase of 12 more than before the update; 519 key management and control units, an increase of 17 from before update; the general control unit111, adding 7 more than before update.A total of 212 environmental control units are specified in the near -shore waters, an increase of 33 from before update, of which 101 are prioritized, and 17 are added before the update; 72 key management and control units, 16 more than before update; general control unit 39 39This remains unchanged before the update.

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