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On the afternoon of April 19th, the Guizhou Low Sports Association held a meeting in Tongzi County, Zunyi City.Provincial People’s Government Counselor Shao Gang, Mu Yong, first -level inspector of the Provincial Sports Bureau, member and vice chairman of the Party Group of Zunyi City CPPCC, Chen Zhao, secretary of the Tongzi County Party Committee, Deng Shengjing, a second -level inspector of the Provincial Department of Education, members of the Party Group of Zunyi Education and Sports Bureau,Deputy Director Yuan Hong and the chairman of the Guizhou Provincial Low Sports Association, Jin Kaiguo, jointly unveiled the “Guizhou Low Sports Association”.
At the meeting, Mu Yong said that in recent years, under the strong leadership of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, Guizhou Sports has always adhered to the people -centered, looking for the positioning of the construction of a strong sports province of the mountains, and making full use of natural resources and relying on strong culture.The advantages of the background and vigorously build the “soaring Guizhou” IP competition brand. The establishment of the Provincial Low Sports Association today marks that the work of the low -altitude sports field in our province is more standardized, more professional and systematic.
At the same time, Mu Yong also put forward three hopes for the association. First, he hoped that the association system planned to “long -term”, do a good job of top -level design, promote deep integration of low -altitude sports, tourism, culture, education and other fields, and actively contributed to sports and economic development.strength.The second is to hope that the association will “Guangyuan”, continue to expand the circle of friends in the low -altitude sports, unite the strengths of all parties, and jointly develop Guizhou low -altitude sports, especially to pay attention to strengthening the cultivation and popularization of young people.Third, hopes that the safety hazards of the association will be “alienated”, coordinate development and safety, strictly keep the safety bottom line, and promote low -altitude sports to develop towards health, safety, orderly, high -level, and high -style directions.
Jin Kaiguo, the president of the new association, said that the association will continue to actively organize national and international low -altitude sports events, continue to create “soaring Guizhou” IP, enhance the visibility and influence of Guizhou low -altitude sports in the country and the world.In cooperation, jointly carry out the training of low -altitude sports talents, cultivate young people’s interest in aerospace and air through all levels of events at all levels, cultivate a group of outstanding young people with innovative spirit and teamwork ability, and achieve the blue sky dream of young people.
Text/Tu Guizhou Daily Tianyan News reporter Wu Mengxue
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