Original title: Help the consumer finance industry stable and far away

Economic Daily reporter Wang Baohui 

Recently, the State Administration of Finance Supervision and Administration revised and issued the “Administrative Measures for Consumption Finance Company”.The State Administration of Finance said that the revision of the Measures is conducive to strengthening the supervision of consumer financial companies, preventing financial risks, improving institutional positioning, optimizing financial services, strengthening consumer rights protection, and promoting high -quality development of the industry.

Up to now, there are 31 licensed consumer finance companies in my country, mainly for the long -tail groups covered with insufficient traditional banks, forming an exhibition industry, forming a consumer finance business pattern that supplemented with traditional banks. It has an important role.However, from the perspective of the development of the industry, problems such as pre -loan review and outsourcing cooperation management of individual institutions have been frequent.According to incomplete statistics, last year, there were 8 institutions involving consumer finance companies issued by the regulatory authorities, involving 7 institutions, and the total amount was exceeded of 3 million yuan.

In order to further strengthen the construction of the rule of law in financial supervision and accelerate the shortcomings and weaknesses of the supervision of the consumer finance industry, the Measures were officially introduced on the basis of soliciting opinions.The relevant person in charge of the State Administration of Finance said that the business model and risk characteristics of the consumer finance company industry have changed significantly, and the current measures can no longer meet the high -quality development and regulatory needs of consumer finance companies.At the same time, in recent years, the regulatory authorities have introduced a series of regulatory systems and regulations in corporate governance, equity management, and consumer rights protection. The “Measures” combine the actual situation of the consumer finance company industry to further supplement and improve the relevant content, strengthen the connection with the current regulatory regulations.Promote the steady development of the consumer finance industry.

The adjustment and change of regulatory indicators is one of the highlights of the “Measures”, mainly manifested in two aspects: First, increase the supervision index of guarantee credit loan business.In view of the risk of some consumer finance companies that highly rely on financing guarantee companies and insurance companies, it is not conducive to improving independent risk control capabilities, and indirectly lifts the comprehensive interest rate of high loans.%.The second is to increase the regulatory index of liquidity ratio.Based on the operating characteristics and risk characteristics of consumer finance companies, on the basis of cautious calculations, the “Measures” stipulate that the “liquidity ratio” should not be less than 50%.

In addition, the “Measures” more prominently protect the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers.The “Measures” increased the two special chapters of “consumer rights protection” and “cooperation agency management” to strengthen the protection of consumer rights and interests.Ouyang Rihui, the China Institute of Internet Economics, China University of Finance and Economics, said that the construction of the consumer protection mechanism is a systematic engineering, which is related to the various business areas of consumer finance companies., Improve the requirements of internal control management, so that consumer protection work can truly become the cockpit stones and stabilizers of internal management.

The above -mentioned person in charge stated that strengthening the restrictions on cooperative institutions requires consumer finance companies to strengthen the management and concentration management of cooperation institutions, and carry out continuous management and evaluation of cooperative institutions, clarify the prohibition of cooperation agencies to avoid sexual regulations, and avoid due to cooperation agencies, especially collective collection, especially collective collection.The institution is not standardized to collect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

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