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More news is in the “East Port Release” video number

With the arrival of the Navy Festival, Rizhao City ushered in a special guest -Rizhao Ship.The warship carrying honor and mission made a special trip to Rizhao Port Pier, injecting a strong motivation for the development of national defense education activities for the East Port District.Ascending the warship, witnessing the fleet’s style, visiting advanced equipment, experiencing the life of the crew, experienced warship culture, and the power of Chinese army … A series of mass defense education activities have further strengthened the concept of national defense and awareness of worry.The ideological consensus of national defense, construction of national defense, and defending national defense.

The visit of the Rizhao Ship is not only an event of a ship opening. Donggang District organized relevant units, some contributors, and retired soldiers participating in the “Calendar Back to Rizhui Return to Rizhao” warships to visit their hometown to visit the experience activity.Immersed “defense education class.

On the warship, everyone visits the advanced equipment of the Rizhao Ship in close range to understand the daily work and life of officers and soldiers on the warship, and feel the battleship culture full of sunshine elements.The precious photos, the honorary trophies, and the advanced equipment of the navy fully demonstrate the hard work of the Navy, so that everyone can deeply feel the vigorous development of the coastal defense industry.On the dock, everyone interacts with the naval professional equipment such as Qiyu knot, ship’s fire prevention and diving tools, and personal protection equipment. Through the introduction of officers and soldiers and the volunteer service of retired soldiers, they have learned in detail the origin, use and function of related equipment.Professional ability and dedication are admired.The series of activities and exhibitions convey the importance of national defense and the responsibilities and role of each citizen in national defense construction.

Breaking the circle to make the national defense education “new” more “heart -hearted”

“Students should keep blood, hone their minds, refine their will, and realize their own value of life in the accumulation of hair.” A theme education preaching called “Haiquan Xingzhi Guoxing Youth Strong” theme education preaching, Held in Kim Coast Primary School in Rizhao City.This is part of Rizhao Ship officers and soldiers who came to the school to carry out a part of the “Defense Education Entering the Campus Concentric and Build a Chinese Dream” activity.At the event site, the officers and soldiers of the Rizhao Ship inspected the development of national defense education in the Gold Coast Primary School, appreciated the students’ national painting and painting works, fan -faced works, and hand -created creation.The naval Rizhao Ship and Rizhao Gold Coast Primary School dual support co -construction signing ceremony, the naval Rizhao ship donation funding ceremony, and the naval Rizhao ship model donation ceremony.

Campus national defense education is the “main position” of national defense education. Each school of Donggang District also organizes teachers and students to carry out national defense literacy enhancement activities content to allow national defense education to take root in the campus.

During the Naval Festival event, more than 700 teachers and students from the Education and Sports Bureau of Donggang District organized Nanhu Town Central Primary School, Phoenix Elementary School, Rizhao Port First Primary School and other primary and secondary schools visited the Rizhao Ship to experience the charm of the naval ships in zero distance.This event not only gave the children a more intuitive understanding of the Navy, but also inspired their military interests and dreams.Many children said that when they grow up, they should wear military uniforms and defend their country like Uncle PLA.

The event was reported by “Lei Feng” magazine

As an important organization unit of this event, the Emperor’s Retired Military Affairs Bureau played a positive role.They carefully organized the veterans to visit the ship, and invited a group of heroes who had fought for the country and the people to board the Rizhao Ship to relive the years and experience the new style of the navy in the new era.These veterans are dressed in strong military uniforms, and their chests are full of medals. They either stop and stare, listen carefully, or talked excitedly, all expressing deep nostalgia for the motherland and a lofty respect for the navy.

The relevant person in charge of the Donggang District Retired Military Affairs Bureau said: “This time, the Rizhao Ship’s stop relying on Rizhao Port to carry out national defense education activities, which is of great significance for improving the national defense quality and patriotic feelings of the majority of cadres and the masses of Donggang District.In -depth national defense education activities, and contribute to the newcomers of the era when they are in charge of the rejuvenation of the nation. “

“National Defense Education, the major issues of the country. In order to allow the national defense education to truly root the hearts of the people, we constantly explore new learning and propaganda methods. It aims to use rich means to allow everyone to have more interest and deeper understanding of national defense education.”The relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Department of the Donggang District Party Committee introduced.

He struggled to fight for national defense, and bravely moved forward to revival.The series of “Back to the Return to Return to the Rizhao through the Mountains” is not only a patriotic education practice course with rich connotation, but also a deep red ideological and political lesson, which allows everyone to firm the target direction in the influence of military culture.Increase the sense of historical responsibility and mission in the red gene heritage, and promote the implementation of the dual support work and national defense education in the new era.

In the future, Donggang District will highlight the ideological leadership, adhere to the innovation, enrich educational content, innovate the form of education, and enhance the effect of education, promote the deep and practical power of national defense education in the new era, and bring together the majestic power of the strong country and the army at the new journey.

Rizhao ship!”Hong Kong” is a good “ship” you!

Original title: “Hong Kong” is a good “ship” you!Donggang’s “immersive” national defense education class is gone “

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