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From chemical teachers to ancient books repair divisions, Wang Xiaomin has worked in this post for two years.In the ancient book repair laboratory of the Sichuan Provincial Library, the paper fiber quality analyzer, the pH, the thickness meter, the folding instrument … Wang Xiaomin scan the “flesh structure” of the ancient book with modern technology to confirmThey come here to give them better “new life.”


Paper storage of Sichuan Provincial Library

Use new technologies to help repair ancient books

Go out of the new road of “scientific rehabilitation”

“咚 咚”, in the ancient book repair room of the Sichuan Provincial Library, the restoration artists are undergoing the final chapter of ancient books restoration: binding.In the laboratory separated by a wall, Wang Xiaomin is conducting the first step in the restoration of ancient books: detection of ancient books.

“Before the restoration of each ancient book, it is necessary to record the archives. Among them, the thickness, whiteness, pH, and fiber analysis of the original book leaf paper.” Wang Xiaomin wore a working apron and adjusted it on the microscope in one hand.Eliminate the paper fiber on the slice, drag the mouse in one hand, and move the specimen pattern on the computer.These specimens are fragments that fall off when the ancient books are initially sorted out. “The repair of ancient books must be ‘minimum intervention, repairing the old as the old‘.Finding the most closest to ancient books is a key step in repair. Fiber analysis can help us confirm the material of the paper.For example, this specimen, the fiber is straight, the color is blue, and the catheter shape is relatively clear. It can be judged that it is bamboo paper.”


Wang Xiaomin, who is undergoing ancient books repair work

Paper thickness and folding resistance all have corresponding national standards. The use of the instruments such as the thickness measurement instrument can detect it to complete the data collection, but the fiber analysis is a big challenge for Wang Xiaomin who has been in the industry. “Like paperThere are three major categories of bamboo, hemp, and skin, and there are several small categories below each category. The more thinner the category of the paper is, the higher the degree of matching paper with the original book.At the beginning, it was based on the picture, and the information was verified with a page page, and then asked the teacher to ensure accuracy, but now it can be judged by the basic color and shape.It is no longer that year. When the material of ancient books is confirmed, the historical sense of how to restore the paper supplement is also a technical work. “I will try to use similar color supplements as much as possible. Among the supplementary paper we reserve, it has been the oldest for decades.If you can’t restore the color, use plant dyes to boil water and dye.

Although the repair of ancient books follows the traditional masterpiece model, it is constantly integrated with various new processes and new technologies. Therefore, more and more chemical and biological professionals have entered this ancient industry.The use of new technologies to “recover scientific rehabilitation” of ancient books is another way to restoration of ancient books in modern society.


Master Yuan Dongzhang is guiding Wang Xiaomin to choose to make up paper

The repair of ancient books lets us see the road when we come clearly

Learning is the only way to improve

Wang Xiaomin used to be a junior high school chemistry teacher. The three -foot podium and the students were everything she worked. In her opinion, teaching and educating people and ancient books have the same significance: “Education is the way to cultivate the next generation and illuminate our future.The restoration of ancient books is to let us see history and see the way when they come. They have the same importance.On the previous day, she saw the “Chemical” professional post recruitment in the recruitment announcement of the Sichuan Provincial”

The ignorant Wang Xiaomin walked into the world of ancient books. As the only chemical major repair division in the Sichuan Provincial Library, “Kung Fu on Hand” is her first lesson.”By using the instrument or technical means, the key to the repair of ancient books is still ‘repair’, and this step must be used with hands, eyes, and heart.”Yuan Dongzhang.Wang Xiaomin, who was the teacher, knew the importance of passers -by. “In some grass -roots libraries, there are not many ancient books restorations, and even no teacher leads. They can only pass through training and study.Be curved, but I am very lucky, and if I am in trouble, ask Master.Intersection

“This is all cultural relics, all of which are important historical materials. What should I do if I break in my hands!” Wang Xiaomin still remembers the first ancient book that he fixed is a book of the Qing Dynasty. “The repair of that set of books is difficult to repairNot big, Master asked me to do it with confidence, she will help me.Big, but this step cannot be re -re -to be trimmed on the edge of ancient books.The most “fear” step.


Wang Xiaomin is analyzing paper fiber with a microscope

However, in terms of professional testing, Master can only provide basic guidance for Xiaomin. More details need to be explored by her own.I know that I am going forward, but I don’t know if the road is right.

At present, Wang Xiaomin is participating in the three major ancient books restoration of the year of the Sichuan Provincial Library.The fourth volume of the 45th volume of “Four Volumes” has been completed 300 pages.At the same time, she was also responsible for the testing of paper repairs of ancient books: testing and fiber analysis of nearly two hundred types of ancient book repair paper for collections, and listed it into a book.”In the future, every repair paper has its own detailed business card, which will reduce the time of our search and testing paper.”

The repair of ancient books is an ancient industry. The ancient book repair division is also a “ancient book doctor” who helps us understand history and inherit civilization. When talking about the work plan, Wang Xiaomin admits: “The pressure is great.Work, I have to do it myself to help others.

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