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“Look slim in your clothes and show off your muscle tone when you take them off” – this seems to be the perfect body that many people dream of. Even in the NBA, a basketball league populated by giants, some of the stars have such a body. They look slim in their jerseys during games, but once they take their jerseys off to train, their muscularity is on display. Today, let’s take a look at five ballplayers who have this kind of body.

Stephen Curry has been seen as a representative of skilled players since the beginning of his career. He is known for his excellent three-point shooting skills, and from his appearance and the way he plays, it seems that he should not have exaggerated muscles. However, this perception is wrong; Curry’s musculature is actually very impressive, especially his unicorn arms. Many people may not realize that Curry also holds the Warriors record for hard pulls.

Ray Allen was a dunker, known for his amazing dunking skills early on. But later in his career, his three-point shooting improved dramatically and he quickly became one of the top three-point shooters in the league. Before the emergence of Curry, Ray Allen has long maintained the status of the historical three-point shooting king, his three-point shooting is so “stable and accurate”. His stable performance is inseparable from the strong core strength, look at his abs and shark muscles, really enviable.

In the attire, they seem slender, but reveal muscle when disrobed—these 5 NBA players

Allen Iverson’s height is only 1 meter 83, for the guard can be considered a short man. Nonetheless, he can consistently pound the lane to create fouls every game, and he is not timid even when facing big centers. The main reason he can play with such bravado is because he is in good shape, with little extra fat on his frame besides muscle.

Kyrie Irving’s style of play is so pleasing to the eye that he still attracts a lot of fan favorites even without a scoring champion or MVP award. Irving has a creative way of playing and his technical style of play hides his strong muscles. Whether it’s his abs, pecs or deltoids, they are all on excellent display, which is the key to him scoring so well under the basket.

Kevin Durant largely stays out of physical confrontations, he either changes direction to get past his opponent or simply shoots the ball. He scores very easily from the small forward position and can even score on a single shot without regard to the opponent’s defense. Although he looks slim for his size, he’s actually in much better shape than we think, with surprisingly refined musculature, not at all inferior to a heavy power forward like Alphabet. All of these stars display different styles of musculature, proving that even on the basketball court, looks can deceive the eye.

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MLS Football Jersey