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Ziyan Foods fall into a strange circle of performance without increasing income.According to the financial report released by Ziyan Food, operating income in 2023 decreased by 1.46%year -on -year, and net profit increased by 49.46%.Regarding profit growth, the explanation of Ziyan food as the price of raw materials fell, and the cost was effectively controlled, but no explanation was made about revenue decline.From the specific data of the financial report, it can be seen that in 2023, the main products and other products of Ziyan food and other products have declined, which is also considered one of the reasons for the decline in the revenue of Ziyan food.

Increasing income without increasing income

Ziyan Food, which was listed in September 2022, revenue declined in 2023.According to financial reports, Ziyan Food achieved operating income of 3.55 billion yuan in 2023, a year -on -year decrease of 1.46%; net profit was 332 million yuan, an increase of 49.46%year -on -year.The trend of decline in revenue continued until the first quarter of 2024. Financial report information showed that Ziyan Food achieved operating income of 695 million yuan in the first quarter, a year -on -year decrease of 8%; net profit was 53.964 million yuan, an increase of 20.87%year -on -year.

The decline in the price of raw materials is the main reason for the increase in the profit growth of purple swallows.Ziyan Food stated in the financial report that the price of raw materials has approached the interval of previous years, and the company has optimized the supply chain, enhances production technology, and strengthened technological transformation to achieve cost reduction and efficiency. As a result, net profit has greatly improved.However, although the price of raw materials fell, the profit of Ziyan’s food in 2023 increased, but compared with previous years of performance, its net profit in 2023 has not restored to the level of 2020.According to the financial report data, the net profit of Ziyan Foods from 2020-2022 was 358.7 million yuan, 327.6 million yuan, and 221.8 million yuan, respectively.

It is worth noting that about the reasons for the decline in income, Ziyan Food did not make a specific explanation in the financial report. The industry speculated that this may be related to its main product income.The financial report shows that the main products of Ziyan food are fresh goods, including husband and wife lung slices, poultry products, etc.In 2023, Ziyan Food Fresh products achieved operating income of about 3.04 billion yuan, a year -on -year decrease of 1.71%; pre -packaging and other products achieved operating income of about 345 million yuan, a decrease of 5.72%year -on -year.

Regarding the performance, a reporter from the Beijing Commercial Daily made no reply by calling the official website of Ziyan Food.However, from the feedback on the consumer side, the expensive and small amounts are becoming a point for many consumers.

“60 yuan, one of my adults is not full” “The weight is getting less and less, and the taste is not as delicious as before.” “It is expensive in the year, I bought 40 yuan, but I feel nothing.”In the comment area of Yanbaiwei Jidian Store and Tmall Ziyan Baiwei Chicken Flagship Store, many consumers have reported that the product taste has changed, the amount is too small, etc., and consumers are suspected of being abused.There are chicken feet and pig ears, whether it is accidentally mixed in or unknown. “

Shen Meng, director of Xiang Song Capital, said that from the past financial report data, it can be seen that although the profits of Ziyan food in 2023 have risen, they have failed to break through the previous performance high, which shows to a certain extent.The lack of better expectations, products and services lack the ability and differentiation of brand added value and differentiation, so most of the operating performance will be in a stable shock state.

Overseas market search increase

Perhaps in order to improve the income, Ziyan Food has opened up and developing markets as its efforts for business growth. It not only expands the business scope from the East China Camp to the national market, but also intends to “go to sea” to seek overseas business development.

Store expansion is one of the main tasks of Ziyan food in 2023.According to the financial report, as of the end of 2023, the total number of Ziyan Foods reached 6,205, an increase of 8.96%year -on -year.At the same time, in order to accelerate overseas business expansion, Ziyan Food was established in May 2023, and the first batch of overseas market personnel conducted business management and simulation practical training.After conducting in -depth investigations and market environment inspections of the Australian and US markets, Australian agency agreements have been signed, and strategic cooperation with Dahua Group and Chuangfeng Group have reached strategic cooperation in the U.S. market development.

It is worth noting that such a strong acceleration of stores and market development has also caused sharp rise in the sales costs of Ziyan food.In 2023, Ziyan’s food sales cost reached 217.4 million yuan, a significant increase of 58.74%year -on -year.Ziyan Food admits in the financial report that the main reason for the rise in the company’s sales costs is “developing new sub -brands, expanding new areas, increasing advertising costs and increasing corresponding sales staff.”

According to Jiang Han, a senior researcher at Pangu Think Tank, the development model of Ziyan food may be different from halo -laid -sien enterprises such as Zhou Heiya and Juewei.Ziyan food is mainly deeply cultivated on the meal loquat track, paying attention to product innovation research and development, and continuously expanding consumer scenes. This has led Ziyan Food to face different challenges and opportunities in market competition.With the increase of the number of stores, it also brings certain cost pressure, such as increasing the cost of rent, manpower, etc. This may also be one of the reasons for the company’s income decline.In addition, new stores need a certain time to achieve profitability, and this will also affect the company’s overall revenue performance.

Ziyan’s food also realizes that there is a certain risk of market development. “At this stage, the company’s business area is mainly East China, Central China, and Southwest. The regional concentration is high.Channels, the company’s investment in the short term is large, but its investment return cycle has certain uncertainty.Ziyan Food said in the financial report.

Chinese food industry analyst Zhu Danpeng believes that the decline in raw material prices brings a certain cost advantage and profit dividend to the fulfi industry.As a brand of East China, Ziyan Food has gradually become a pan -national brand through layout in recent years, but it has not really become a national brand.exist.

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