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The first immersive HPV (human papilloma virus) science science theater “Her New World” will be launched in the Shanghai Big World, officially open online free appointment channels, and will be held from April 30th to May 4th.Public welfare performance.”Her Diversified New World” HPV science theater aims to organically combine experiential interaction with HPV and cervical cancer science content through the innovative form of immersive drama, which breaks the limitations of traditional science popularization unilateral transmission information, with a view to stimulating stimulationThe audience understands the harm of HPV in the interaction.

From April 15th to 21st is the 30 National Tumor Prevention Propaganda Week. The theme of this year’s propaganda week is “comprehensive policies scientific anti -cancer”.The last week of April (April 24-30) is the “World Immune Week” established by the World Health Organization to emphasize the importance of planning immunity to save life.The performance has spanned the 2024 National Tumor Prevention Propaganda Week and World Immune Week, aiming to help the improvement of cancer prevention and immunization cognition through innovative popular science forms.

The incidence of cervical cancer has shown a rise and younger trend, and 99.7%of cervical cancer is related to the infection of HPV.HPV is a virus that is susceptible to human epidermal and mucosal scale epithelium. It can survive on the skin and mucous membranes. The infected area includes oral cavity, throat, penile skin, vulva, anal, vagina, cervix and rectal.

Professor Sui Long, director of the Cervical Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University, introduced: “The listing of HPV vaccines has made cervical cancer the only cancer that can be prevented early and is expected to completely eradicate, which has a milestone in the history of human cancer prevention and treatment.Chinese 9-45-year-old women can be protected by nine-valent, four-valent, and binary HPV vaccine on demand.Today, the joint action of linking the forces of all parties in this way will spread HPV and cervical cancer -related popular science knowledge in the way they are happy, and increase the public’s awareness of HPV and cervical cancer. “

This immersed popular science theater “Her Diverse New World” joined hands with the “Not only improvisation” drama team to presented original plays and live interpretations. It will lead the audience to experience the three “restart life” of the heroine and convey “the certainty of improving health., Unlock more possibilities in the future “, and integrate HPV -related popular science content into it through drama, and the audience will participate in her important choices in the different lives of the heroine.

The small theater will perform on the third floor of the Shanghai Grand World Theater from April 30th to May 4th from April 30th to May 4th. From now on, Volkswagen can search for “Shanghai Great World” to enter the official public account and mini -programs through WeChat.Get first, last.

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