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Jianhua Experimental School/Photo Construction
A few days ago, at the playground of the Jianhua Experimental School in Beijing, laughter and cheering, and the fourth spring sports carnival held by the school was in full swing.The theme of this event is “Laughing and Songs to Draw the Spring Day”, which aims to stimulate students ‘sports enthusiasm through a series of innovative sports and improve students’ physical fitness.
The reporter saw at the scene that all kinds of inflatable physical training props were filled with the entire playground.Before the game, the teacher led the students to conduct a comprehensive warm -up exercise before the game.In the competition, the students cooperated with each other and encouraged each other, combined with drilling, running, jumping, etc., and the various tasks were completed together.Essence
Li Wenbo, a student of Jianhua Experimental School, told reporters: “At this Games, the school prepared a new inflatable cushion for us. I have never played it. The group project has also made our class more united.Games.
In recent years, Jianhua Experimental School has always implemented national sports education policies, attached great importance to sports work, and used it as an important way to improve the comprehensive quality of students.By holding the sports and cultural festivals, school games, football basketball competitions and other activities, students ‘love for sports and cultivating students’ team collaboration spirit and awareness of competition will be stimulated.At the same time, the school also pays attention to the improvement of sports facilities and provides students with a good sports environment.Wang Gongyi, director of the comprehensive discipline of Jianhua Experimental School, said: “The school not only ensures that students can obtain sufficient exercise through daily fixed morning exercises and large -scale activities, but also show their unique advantages in physical education. Through our innovative 4+X physical education coursesModels allow students to master two sports skills at the elementary school stage and truly realize the in -depth learning and practice of sports skills.Basketball competition, comparison of physical test projects, etc., in all directions to improve students’ sports skills and competitive status. “
The successful holding of this spring sports carnival not only provides students with a stage to show themselves and challenge themselves, but also an important result of school sports culture construction.(Reporter Liu Chang)

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