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In order to further promote the in -depth integration of information technology and education and teaching, Jiaxiang County uses education to digitize education as a necessary means to update education concepts and change education models.Education strong counties “and the new stage of digitalization of education laid a solid foundation.
Online classroom sharing high -quality resources.”Hello classmates, I explained this lesson to you is easy to solve problem -solving skills in buoyancy and pressure.” Recently, Zhang Bin, a physics teacher in Jiaxiang No. 1 Middle School, turned on the computer and opened the class online after logging in to the class.The 45 -minute explanation and 15 minutes wrong comments, condensed the knowledge points she sorted out and the problem -solving skills summarized in daily teaching.
As one of the famous physics teachers in Jiaxiang County, Zhang Bin said that online classroom uses live broadcast methods for online teaching and online parent meetings. There is no limit to the number of viewers. You can watch the return when you are wrong. The communication is more efficient.In accordance with the principles of “only one class per class” in each school, all teachers and parents all realize the real -name authentication, standardize the use process, build the main channel for the security communication of the class group schools, ensure the security and smoothness of the information of the home school, effectively enhance the parents’ sense of gain and satisfactionDegree to form a safe, civilized and healthy online communication mechanism.
Online counseling is accurate “portrait” for students.The average accuracy rate of primary school homework has increased from 76.5%to 91.69%, and the average accuracy rate of junior high school operations has increased from 81.65%to 91.24%. This is the teaching results of the promotion of online tutoring platforms in Jiaxiang County for more than a year.
On the one hand, online counseling has shortened the time and space distance of teachers and students. Teachers and students conduct SMS communication, voice communication, video exchanges, answering doubts, exchanges, and sharing through cloud networks, and realize any exchanges and sharing.On the other hand, online counseling reduces students ‘academic burden, meets students’ independent learning and personalized learning needs, and provides high -quality services for students to preview, review, conduct inquiry learning and project -based learning.
In order to promote the supply -side structural reform of high -quality education resources and innovation in personalized education service models, since this year, Jiaxiang County has actively carried out online tutoring pilot work after the primary school class in compulsory education, providing students with precise, personalized, and diverseOnline education service supply.
“Teachers are an important force to promote the digital transformation of education. Digital transformation of teachers’ teaching is the key to digital transformation of education. To this end, we carefully selected special teachers and subject leaders for online recording.Entering thousands of households. “The relevant person in charge of the Jiaxiang County Education Bureau said that online counseling has solved the relevant difficulties of extracurricular supplementary courses, and has reduced the gap between regions and urban and rural education, and opened up the” last mile “of education to benefit the people.
(Volkswagen Daily • Volkswagen News Client reporter Meng Yi correspondent Li Chao)

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