[The Epoch Times, March 25, 2024] (Reported by the Epoch Times reporter Guo Xiaohui) This article is compiled according to the host of the online tourism program “Linda Self -Parade”, Linda Ye (senior insurance agent).

I came to the United States in the 1990s.After graduating from college, people in China were yearning for the United States. I also wanted to watch the United States with my own eyes as described as described in movies and televisions.I eager to understand what the real United States is like.

As soon as the plane, I immediately felt a free atmosphere. The blue sky gave me a feeling of freedom and what I could do.

The United States has such a ability to provide a space that allows you to dig out your potential and pursue what you think.Although success or failure is important, but more importantly, it gives you free to try.

Here, you will not feel like you are in China, and you will not be blocked by various regulations and unreasonable restrictions.The social structure of the United States is different from China and does not need to work through the relationship network.If you want to create a company, you only need to go to the municipal government or the state government to follow the rules and regulations, and go through the relevant procedures, without having to go through the back door or gift.Everything is simple and pure.

In the United States, it is convenient to do whatever you want.You can go directly to relevant government departments, or check online, or go to the counter for consulting staff, they will help you.You can call, email, or go to the relevant departments to handle affairs. They will tell you what to do, which is very convenient.

The United States is a very tolerant country.When I came, I had no cars and took the bus every day to get off work.I lived in Northern California at the time. At the time of the bus, I just came a few weeks before I had a deep memory.I stood at the station and waited for cars, surrounded by people from different ethnic groups. I didn’t feel that I was a foreigner, because I felt that everyone was the same.

This tolerance is really reassuring.This feeling is both a psychological balance and a comfort for people like me just to a new environment.Otherwise, in a completely strange place, he will definitely feel nervous.But here, everyone is the same.Who would know that I just arrived!

Because Chinese English education focuses more on grammar, people in the country are performing well in terms of grammar, but it seems a bit lacking in spoken language and hearing.Indeed, this situation makes me have no problem in reading, but it will be difficult to make me say or listen.In order to understand the local culture and customs more deeply, I decided to improve my English ability.It is understood that if you want to truly integrate into this society, especially when you are not sure of your future direction, if your English ability is not enough, it is difficult to grasp even if the opportunity is in front of you.

Therefore, I started to actively study English, including participating in courses and strengthening hearing exercises.During this period, I also worked as a sales assistant. Through these practices, my English ability was better, and I began to adapt to the new environment.

One of my friends, he is a doctor in China.When I first arrived in the United States, I advised him to learn English.His answer was too busy to work and had no time to study.But later, when he needed to apply for a professional license, he was not fluent in English, making this process particularly difficult.He only regretted it at that time, because I did not adopt my suggestion.As a result, he faced the license test, and at the same time tuned English, making him feel very tired.He also mentioned that the learning method I have shared with him is actually very effective.

In my opinion, the freedom and peace of the United States does not mean unlimited freedom.In short, as long as your behavior meets the rules, everyone can feel happy.But if you violate the law or make mistakes, you should naturally bear the corresponding consequences.This is a very natural thing.

Due to the different cultural background, integration into this society may face some challenges.It is important that we should not blame others’ discrimination, but we should think about how to make others no longer discriminate against us.For example, someone may feel uncomfortable because of your accent, so why not try to change yourself?We may not be able to change others, but we can change ourselves.Maybe I speak slowly and not fluent in expression. I will tell each other that English is not my mother tongue, please forgive me.In fact, Americans are very friendly, and they will guide you how to express it.

Sometimes when talking about topics such as discrimination, it depends on what position you are standing.If you try to integrate into this society, then discrimination does not exist, everyone is the same.If you show strangeness here, then others will naturally feel uncomfortable.For example, everyone is wearing neatly, but you appear in a sloppy manner. If anyone blame you, can you blame others to discriminate against you?If we are daring to be more decent, then everyone will welcome you.We are not going to change this society, but to find a way to integrate into it.

My friend told me a story. He said that his former real estate agent was a Western lady. She was always clean and decent, making people feel very comfortable.Once, the lady accidentally sprinkled coffee on her clothes in the car and was seen by him, so she apologized to him one after another.She was very embarrassed because she left a little coffee stain on her clothes.

What my friend wants to say is that although the lady is very dressed, she is still worried that she will make a bad impression on others and constantly apologize for this.Therefore, if we can respect the feelings of others and make others feel comfortable, it is also a respect.

Regarding equality and freedom, I think this is a relative concept, just like equality.This concept refers to that, first of all, you should not degrade yourself, we are all people.I remembered “Jane Ai”. There was a dialogue in the book. The protagonist said, “We are standing in front of God, it’s the same.” I remember this sentence deeply.concept.

It is very important to maintain confidence but not arrogant when talking with others.If you look down on others, they will also have the same attitude towards you.Keep self -confidence, but not arrogant, let it live, and strive to live seriously.

The Chinese are educated by the CCP’s culture and often emphasize class struggle. Therefore, their words are tougher. They always like to use absolute saying. It seems that everything is certain, and the tone is always tough.But in fact, there are no absolute things in the world.In contrast, Taiwanese people sound more pleasant because their wording is gentle and softer.

At that time, I worked in a Taiwanese company. Although there was no language barrier when communicating with them, the way we used words was completely different.Once, I accidentally used their uncomfortable words, which caused them to be uncomfortable.

Since then, I have paid special attention to the way I speak, began to learn to listen to their way of speaking, and gradually adjust my tone so that others will not feel that I am different.

I look forward to understanding the history of the United States, but I am not good at remembering it through words. A travel show I like gave me a lot of inspiration, so I want to start my own American founding journey.

Chinese people said that reading thousands of books is worse than thousands of miles.I want to relive that history in the situation and form a picture in my mind. I can firmly remember it. That’s it. I started my enlightenment of my dream of dreaming of the United States.(You are going to be continued) ◇ ◇

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