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The NBA trade market is heating up this summer, as fans are eager to see which stars will change teams and chase championships. Some players seem destined to shine on the big stage, while others have to overcome twists and turns in their careers. Former Blazers duo Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum are once again in the spotlight, as they are both free agents this summer. Will they reunite and make a run for the title?

According to US media reports, the Lakers are making a comeback this summer, as they are preparing to offer D’Angelo Russell, Rui Hachimura and Taurean Prince as trade chips, in exchange for McCollum and a 2024 first-round pick. This news has undoubtedly stirred up a new wave of frenzy in the NBA trade market.

It is worth mentioning that giving up bird rights does not seem to bring much advantage to players in today’s NBA. This summer, when we take a closer look at the Lakers’ roster, we can’t help but feel sorry for the first player in history. In the past period of time, the Lakers have shown a high level of performance on both ends of the court. The team not only has enough firepower on the offensive end, but also excels on the defensive end. But in this free agency tide, the Lakers are still actively strengthening.

McCollum, who averages 23+4, is undoubtedly very tempting for the Lakers. Based on his performance last season, McCollum may not be the best choice, but he is definitely the most reliable reinforcement. The Pelicans’ overall performance is impressive, but the team’s strengths and advantages do not seem to be fully utilized. With Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram on the team, the Pelicans’ management needs to think about how to effectively integrate the team’s strengths. At this time, Russell’s joining can solve this problem.

Russell’s role has been described in George’s blog¹. We can’t ask Russell to do more, his performance in several games has proved his strength. Passing, shooting and even breaking through all make us dazzled. But under James’ system, the individual level of players is often the key to the team’s success.\

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After completing this trade, the Lakers’ roster will be more perfect. McCollum does not need to occupy too much ball rights, which will bring great help to the Lakers’ offense and defense. In addition, this trade also frees up a lot of salary space for the Lakers, giving them more possibilities. The first-round pick is equally important, as it provides more security for the Lakers’ future.

In summary, this trade will bring huge improvement for the Lakers. McCollum’s joining will make the team stronger. At the same time, Russell’s departure also provides more opportunities for other players. However, this also means that the Lakers will face more challenges. They need to find a suitable way to balance the team’s offense and defense, to ensure better results in the new season. Let’s look forward to the Lakers’ performance in the new season!

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MLS Football Jersey