March 25 this year is the 29th National Elementary and Middle School Safety Education Day in my country.In order to effectively protect students’ physical and mental health and maintain campus safety, on the same day, Changqing Primary School, Tuanbao Town, Lichuan City, closely focused on the theme of “knowing danger and avoiding danger” and carried out the “National Education Week for Primary and Middle School Students”.

  The school uses a red scarf broadcast station, watching the live broadcast of “knowing danger, can avoid danger” traffic safety theme courses, and carried out publicity and education methods for the National Elementary and Middle School Student Safety Education Day theme class, and conducted a good safety behavior education to all teachers and students.At the class meeting, the head teacher explained to the students in detail how to rescue and rescue themselves when drowning, bullying, and traffic accidents occurred.Parents also lead their children to watch the live broadcast of traffic safety theme courses, so that all teachers and students and parents firmly establish the idea of “everyone talks about safety, talk about safety, and always talks about safety”, creating a strong security education atmosphere.


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