In order to thoroughly implement the national financial consumer rights protection strategy and highlight the core service concept of the financial industry’s “people -centered”, the Beijing Regulatory Bureau of the State Administration of Finance and Administration of Financial Supervision and Beijing Radio and Television Channel launched the “Light and Shadow Guardian Financial CrocostenceLight “Special Program.

  According to reports, the theme of “financial consumer protection is around, guaranteeing the risk of rights and interests” in the evening into each chapter, and closely focuses on the key issues that financial consumers care about.The main creative team plans to plan and interpret the various rights protection scenarios that financial consumers may encounter.Through a variety of artistic methods such as real -life description, instance review, sketch interpretation, contextual performance, and human screen interaction, in the future, the primary material materials of the grassroots work of various financial institutions have been upgraded to the immersive situation of the people’s hearts and easy to spread.Consumers’ sense of gain, happiness, and security in the financial field.

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