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Hello everyone, I am Tina.

Are you very envious of gourmet bloggers, and make money when eating and drinking?

Do you also envy them, obviously cooking three meals a day like you, but can you make countless fans and a hundred responses?

Yes, the gourmet bloggers not only look beautiful, but also make money.

But now, the field of food is indeed more and more rolled, and ordinary people seem to have no chance.

But is this really the case?

In fact, it is really difficult for us ordinary people to reach the large level of tens of millions of levels, but there is no problem with income crushing to work after starting.

Today, this article will share with you three combination cards of the food track plus 1 to realize the trump card, helping you to play a counterattack king fried, transform into a gourmet blogger!

You might say, isn’t the gourmet track just VLOG, gourmet evaluation, food tutorial recipes, food exploration shops?

But in fact, the particle size can be thinner.

For example, there are too many foods for food, but have you seen your mother who only gives your daughter’s delicate breakfast?

She is a strange mother for breakfast. Fans of 973,000 advertising quotes are about 30,000. In the past three months, they have cooperated with 8 brands and realized 200,000 plus.

What is the market more market than teaching people to cook?Teach workers to spend a little money for dinner.

Huang Daxian’s diary, publishing his own work meals every day, full of color and fragrance, the price is cheap, the powder absorbs 637,000, the advertising quotation is 30,000 plus, it can save and earn.

You see, their tracks are subdivided enough, and they can step on the interests of the audience. The content is very focused and the identity attributes are very clear, so they can become continuously rising.

With this combination card, your uniqueness and memory points are available.

However, if you want to play this card, you have to think about several questions:

List the answers to these 4 questions, and then do a connection question, your card will be clearly presented.

For example, if you are a mother, you need to make auxiliary food for your baby. The style is simple home, convenient and efficient, then your account can be used for fast -handed food and food sharing.Thumbs up.

Or you are a dormitory party that is losing weight. It is inconvenient to cook, but you have bought countless kinds of fat -reducing food.

This can be a dormitory for fat loss and snack evaluation account, and share the delicious and not delicious ones, which can definitely help many sisters and traffic.

Like the following content, there are 353,000 praise.

Food plus stories, absolutely coming out of weapon.

Seeing this blogger’s nine -nine, almost every video was introduced with her and her son’s story, and then shared the food practices.

Like this article, she “deceives” her son to eat carrots, but do you think about it, will every mother who wants children to eat vegetables will like her?Therefore, 460,000 praises are simply normal.

This story+food routine also harvested 4.45 million fans, YYDS!

And they:

The little star star tells the story of making a bento for his younger brother and crying all his classmates. It sucks 1.674 million.

The little sugar breeder tells the story of bloggers to help her husband resist sugar. It shared various food and recipes, but behind it was full of concern to her husband.

You find it, these stories are temperature, which will make bloggers feel good.

In addition, there are characters, characters, character, differentiation and IP attributes in the story. The story will give people a sense of expectations and pay more attention.

In short, it is worth trying.

Of course, the story cannot be told blindly.

Give everyone a formula for content: cordon+pork belly+leopard tail.

The cousin is the introduction of the opening story. It must be wonderful and suspenseful, but it should not be too long.

Pork belly is the production part of the middle food. Here is the focus. The steps must be clear, but not even more.

Leopard tail means that the final food presentation should have a strong expression. The pictures and aesthetics are important. I will share with you a color adjustment data that the big coffees are using, and quickly save it.

This card threshold is slightly higher, but if you have your own cultural field, such as reading, anime, and love to study food, then you do n’t need to lose great loss.

Look at the blogger deer in October, the food in the re -engraving book, the drama, and the movie, make a story with a story, and tell the story in the cooking. Because the content is very high, the wide quality is super good, the ability to suck gold is super strongEssence

In addition, you can also engrav the anime food. This “Hal’s Mobile Castle” bacon fried egg is praised for 81,000.

After all, this kind of content comes with traffic and curiosity, and will click on people to click in to see if there is any recovery.

Such bloggers need both cultural literacy and food literacy. They have a certain threshold, but the super uniqueness and non -copyright will help you develop countless loyal fans.

The monetization ability of food bloggers is recognized, and the following monetization methods are super gold:

1. Connect

You must have been planted in the content of various food bloggers.

For example, the following content is about Wang Zengqi’s jams, and the advertisement of brewing wine is shallowly implanted:

Therefore, as long as you become a gourmet blogger, all kinds of ingredients and cooking equipment will become your opportunity to take over.

In addition, if you do food assessment, you can also work hard to promote cooperation, connect brand implantation cooperation, etc.;;

In short, it is quite profitable.

2. Content drainage, shop monetization

If you have products and channels, don’t miss the way of making money on “content drainage, shop monetization”.

By publishing products related to the content of users, they also guide everyone to trade in online stores.

If you look at the account of Tea Garden, you will hang shop products in your notes to achieve grass and monetize perfect closed loops.

There is no commodity channel and it’s okay.

Douyin can hang the product window, and Xiaohongshu can take notes to bring goods. As long as your content is high enough, it can allow users to successfully plant grass, and they can achieve commission with goods.

Below is the window of Ahua’s Blogen of snack bloggers. You can see snacks from various brands:

3. Call for food tutorials

Master Wen’s Liangpi course, priced at 699, sold 9050 copies, and realized more than 6 million;

You may say, but this threshold is very high!

Then look at this again: Liu Taro’s kneading tutorial can also sell 4,326 copies!

There are also various baking courses and decorative classes, which are all sold well!

This is the potential of gourmet bloggers.

In addition, you can also develop related courses for gourmet bloggers.

For example, food photography tutorials, food IP development classes, etc., the thinking opens can we make a wide range of wealth.

4. Public domain drainage, private domain/offline monetization

I said before that people’s trust in personal IP has exceeded the brand.

Especially for food, because of what personal IP does, we can see it, so naturally bring a trust.

At this time, if you can open up the public and private domain, trade products through the private area, or drain to offline stores for transactions, it is really complete.

For example, hand baking, desserts, and homemade health foods are all suitable for this monetization method.

Like bloggers Zhuo Ma dumplings, transaction conversion is to achieve transaction conversion through offline group purchase:

This new type of customer accumulation method is super easy to use!

People have to eat when they live, so food bloggers will always have a market.

However, you need to find the number of operations that are suitable for you and this era.

Therefore, we must use the three combination cards of subdivide track+identity, human fireworks+stories, creative food+culture!

At the same time, with the monetization card that suits you, you will definitely start quickly and seize this delicious and profitable gold track!

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