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【Health Reminder】

Simple breast hyperplasia, no need to be treated deliberately

Breast hyperplasia is common, but many people worry about cancer.In this regard, Mao Feng, chief physician of breast surgery at Beijing Union Hospital, said that breast hyperplasia has nothing to do with breast cancer and does not need to be treated deliberately.

Breast hyperplasia is common in young women. It is mainly manifested in the periodic pain and periodic blocks of the breast. It can change with the changes of factors such as menstrual cycle, mood, and work pressure.The simple breast hyperplasia is only too crowded with breasts, and the occurrence of breast cancer may not need to go through this process. The periodic pain of breast hyperplasia accompaniment is not caused by tumors. Therefore, this breast hyperplasia is not related to breast cancer.And the current treatment of breast hyperplasia is to relieve pain and tension.The hyperplasia itself is not a disease. The treatment prescription is particularly simple, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a pleasant mood.

【Medical Exploration】

The quality of the father’s diet is related to the risk of the descendants’ illness

A study on “Natural Communications” shows that the diet structure of “prospective father” will significantly affect the metabolism and behavioral characteristics of its offspring through sperm, including the risk of emotional disorders such as metabolic diseases and anxiety.

Researchers found in the experiment that the diet structure before mating will affect the next generation, and there are different characteristics in their sons and daughters.For example, the male mice with low protein and high carbohydrates, the performance of their son in the behavior test shows that their anxiety is often higher.Instead, the male mice of high protein, low -carbon water diet, and the anxiety of the male offspring is low.The difference in fat intake of father has a stronger impact on the metabolic characteristics and degree of obesity of the infantriors.Male mice with long -term high -fat and high carbohydrates, their daughter’s body fat levels are often high, white fat tissue under the skin is more deposited, and alternative diseases such as fasting blood glucose are also high.

【Disease Prevention and Control】

The smaller the word is written, beware of Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a disease of hidden development.In the early stages of the disease, the symptoms were diverse and not obvious, and they were often ignored.Wu Yufu, chief physician of the Department of Neurology, Beijing Elderly Hospital, pointed out that the more the words are written and smaller, beware of Parkinson’s disease.

In addition to static tremor, muscle strength, and slow motion, Parkinson patients will also have “lowercase signs”.The “lowercase” is mainly related to the patient’s forearm muscles and the muscles of the hand, and the movement is not spiritual and easy to fatigue.When the patient writes, the tighter hands are tighter, and the words written are smaller and smaller.During the clinical examination, the doctor will let the patient write his own name five times. If you compare it with the first time when you write the last time, the font is significantly reduced, and it is called “lowercase”.In life, people must be good at discovering the clues of Parkinson’s disease. Early discovery, early diagnosis, and early treatment can better control the progress of Parkinson’s disease, improve the quality of life of patients, and improve the long -term prognosis.

【Medical Progress】

Kangshino HIB vaccine was approved by clinical trials

Kangxino announced that the company’s frozen -dried type B influenza Berbalobacteriasis combined vaccine (HIB vaccine) was approved by clinical trials. The vaccine was used to prevent invasive infections caused by type B influenza (including meningitis, pneumonia, sepsis, and sepsis,Honeycomb wovenitis, arthritis, annihilation of inflammation, etc.).

It is reported that Kangxino is developing a joint vaccine based on component Bai Baipai. The HIB vaccine is part of the components. As a single seedlings that have not been approved, they need to accumulate certain clinical data to support the future of the component Bai Bai Bao Bai Bao Bai Bai BaoBased on the registration of joint vaccines.Bacillus Bacteria is Gram -negative, one of the most important pathogenic bacteria for children’s acute undergoing respiratory tract infections. It is divided intoPolying and pod no podsFilm type, both can cause infection.The HIB vaccine developed by Kangxino is a purified HIBPodPolysaccharide and tetanus toxin protein are combined with covalent prices. It uses frozen dry agent type. It is expected that it can induce the body fluid immunity for HIB after vaccination and provide a protective effect of the vaccination.

【Knowledge Update】

Decreased weight loss caused by cancer or driven by “lactic acid”

In a study published in “Natural Metabolism”, scientists have found that the weight loss caused by cancer is caused by chronic activation of lactic acid on GPR81.

Metabolic heavy programming refers to the metabolic changes made by cells to cope with various stimuli pressure. This phenomenon generally exists in a variety of diseases, and lipid metabolism in tumor is called lipid metabolism heavy programming.Researchers have found that the chronic activation of lactic acid to GPR81 will cause lipid metabolism to be programmed, while targeting GPR81 and its key signal pathways are expected to fight metabolic injuries in the quality of cancer, and improve the quality of life and life of patients with evil diseases.The characteristics of evil diseases are the rapid decline in weight, which affects 50%-80%of cancer patients, accounting for about 20%of cancer-related death.Patients with cancer disorders will develop fatigue, anorexia, anemia, and fatigue, leading to worsening quality of life and worse tolerance for cancer treatment.

Beijing News reporter Zhang Zhaohui organized

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