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  Seven departments such as the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment have jointly issued the “Notice on Further Strengthening the Construction of Green Mine” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”). At this point, the construction of green mines has entered a new stage of comprehensive advancement from the role of demonstration leadership.It marks the construction of the green mines into the fast lane.

  The new development stage puts forward new requirements for the construction of green mines.The “Notice” includes three attachments of the “Green Mine List Dynamic Management Requirements” (hereinafter referred to as the Green Mine List) of the “Green Mine List Dynamic Management Requirements” (hereinafter referred to as the Green Mine List).The evaluation and management of green mines have been detailed.

  Many people in the industry said that the “Notice” plays an important guiding role in continuously promoting the construction of ecological civilization in the mining industry, further accelerating the development of green low -carbon transformation in mining, and regulating the local work of green mines.

  So, what are the highlights of the newly released “Notice” and its related attachments?What changes will it bring to the mining industry?Our reporter interviewed Wang Liang, Secretary -General of Zhongguancun Green Mine Industry Alliance.

  There are many environmental protection content in the National Green Mine Evaluation Index, accounting for 71%

  China Environment Daily: How does the “Notice” reflect the connotation of “green” construction of green mines?

  Wang Liang: The “Notice” proposes that by the end of 2028, the construction mechanism of green mines will be more complete. 90%of the large -scale mines and 80%medium -sized mines produced in the production will meet the requirements of the green mine standards.

  The core connotation of green mines is the coordinated development of resource development and environmental protection. It cannot ignore ecological environmental protection for economic development, nor can it weaken the development of resource development without considering economic development in order to protect the ecological environment.

  Among the evaluation indicators, there are six major programs, including no veto items, and 35 three -level indicators involved in the evaluation of resource development and ecological environmental protection, accounting for 71%of the total number of indicators.

  Generally speaking, the evaluation indicators have strengthened the requirements for comprehensive recycling and utilization of mineral resources, strengthened the content of ecological environmental protection, highlights the focus of resource development and environmental protection is the focus of green mines, and for the correct understanding of green mines for all sectors of society, studying green minesConstruction of green mines provides direction, which is the highlight of the “Notice”.

  In addition, the evaluation indicators are more in line with the construction of ecological civilization and the requirements of the new era, which provides a clear orientation for the high -quality development of mining companies.

  The new evaluation indicators changed from the original 1000 points to 100 points and 49.Among them, there are 15 three -level indicators (including two veto items) proposed to “meet the requirements of the EIA”. Five indicators involve the development and utilization plan, 10 indicators involve “land reclamation”, 7 indicators involve wastewater treatment, 5 items, 5 itemsThe indicator involves waste treatment.

  By sorting out, we found that in addition to the importance of important contents such as resource development and environmental protection, the evaluation indicators attach importance to the source reduction of the waste, the source of the ecosystem, and the increase in the secondary indicators of the source prevention.The requirements of “acid waste water source prevention” and other requirements; at the same time, they also fully considered the realization of the “double carbon” goal, and increased the green low -carbon first -level indicators. Among them, the “carbon footprint accounting” and other indicators were included in the assessment.

  The index settings will be filtered out of the mines with the standard of green mines

  China Environment Daily: After the “Notice” is released, it is easier to select green mines in mining companies, or is it more difficult?

  Wang Liang: The “Notice” proposes to implement dynamic management of the green mine list, and establish and improve the dynamic management mechanism of “progressive and out”.Level Green Mine List,

  The existing municipal -level green mines are selected into the provincial green mine list after evaluation.At the same time, it is clear that the situation of the displacement list is clear and does not meet the standard requirements.

  For mining companies, companies applying for green mines is higher.Taking the national green mine construction evaluation indicators as an example, it is divided into three categories: prerequisites, constraints, and improved items.Prerequisites are the foundation. If mining companies do not have prerequisites, they are not qualified to participate in the evaluation of green mines.

  The constraints are the basic requirements of green mines, and the evaluation of green mines also starts from the constraint item.As long as 80 points for companies applying for green mines will be regarded as passing, and then enter the review stage.

  A total of 20 items are restrained, all of which have scored 47 points.For companies, companies need to work hard from the aspects of improvement.A total of 53 points are raised. Mining companies can choose to complete the relevant promotion items according to their actual situation.After reaching the minimum standard of 80 points, the more completion part is the bonus item, which also opened the grade of the level of green mines.

  This indicator setting can achieve layer of filtration and effective grading, and can quickly filter out the green mine standards, reduce the workload of government and third -party evaluation agencies, and reduce the cost of promoting green mines in the society.

  However, for mining enterprises, the “Notice” reduces corporate management requirements and increases the requirements of the basic construction conditions of the enterprise. From the evaluation indicators, it can be seen that the requirements for technology, technology, equipment, and facilities accounted for a large proportion. TheseThe indicators are conducive to truly practicing the concept of green mines, and reflect the requirements for the development of new quality of the development of the mining industry.Therefore, in the future, only the construction of green mines into the technical upgrade and transformation of enterprises and mining companies in daily work can meet the standards for applying for green mines.The difficulty will become more and more difficult.

  China Environment Daily: How to ensure that the green mine reaches the real “green”?

  Wang Liang: Green Mine is a systematic project that requires cooperation and joint advancement of various government departments.

  First of all, from the perspective of the Green Mine Evaluation Index, the evaluation index focuses on the source and source of the indicator, making the setting of the indicators more compliant.

  In the “basis or standard” column, the source of the indicator requirements and the business management category of the government’s department.These sources include national standards, industry standards, departmental policy documents, or legal documents, systems, reports, records, accounts, etc., to make the mining enterprises and service units clearly know the key points of the indicator inspection and the source of support materials, and reduce the provision of the mining enterprises to provide informationThe difficulty of materials also reduces the difficulty of adopting the materials for third -party evaluation experts, greatly improves the effectiveness of the assessment results, and is also conducive to the government’s coordination of various departments to promote the construction of green mines.

  Secondly, the “Notice” strictly strict third -party assessment management, formulated the “Green Mine Third -Party Evaluation Work Requirements”, which put forward clear requirements for the nature and personnel composition of the third -party evaluation agency to ensure the business capabilities of green mine assessment.The evaluation procedures were formulated, the assessment requirements were put forward, the supervision and management measures were detailed, and the “blacklist” and the responsibility mechanism for third -party evaluation agencies were established.

  In addition, the “Notice” requires the third -party evaluation agency to “in the” inspection record “column that should be stated that the corresponding score is obtained, and the lack of supporting materials or proof materials must not be divided”, which provides the cooperative third -party evaluation work for various government departments to trace the third -party evaluation work.Assure.

  The relevant standards for promoting enterprises to build a green mine “Notice” still need to be optimized

  China Environment Daily: Green Mine Construction is an important measure to promote the high -quality development of the mining industry and the inevitable requirements of realizing the harmonious symbiosis of human and nature. According to the new “Notice”, what challenges do companies face the construction of green mines?

  Wang Liang: As of the end of December 2023, there were 1073 national green mines in my country (data from the guidance of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the “Special Exhibition of the Green in the Northern Xinjiang -Inner Mongolia Green Mine Special Exhibition” sponsored by the Inner Mongolia Natural Resources Department), There are 4522 provincial green mines (data from the website announced data from the website of the Natural Resources Department of various provinces), a total of 5,595.The “Notice” requires that in strict accordance with the “double random and public” requirements, green mines that are not less than 10%of each year are included in the random random checklist, and strictly conduct on -site inspections of national green mines in accordance with the new evaluation indicators.

  This is also applicable for mines that have previously included in the green mine list.However, among the 20 binding indicators in the new indicators, 12 indicators were originally selected for the Green Mine List that did not require or required to change greatly.In order to review and review these mines, they also need to rewrite the self -assessment report and prepare for green mine evaluation materials to stand the inspection and review of departments at all levels. This greatly increases the burden on the mines that has been entered.

  At the same time, for some large and medium -sized mines, the production and operation activities of mining companies are changing rapidly, which is very difficult to strictly meet the prerequisites and constraints, but it is very easy to meet the conditions of the green mine list.The probability is large.

  Therefore, the management of systematic improvement lists to ensure that the effective connection of the in -and -out list of mining companies is essential for green mines to continue to advance.At present, how to better connect with the old and old evaluation indicators, how to maintain and continuously improve after entering the green mine referendum library, and it is still necessary to refine or further explain the form, mechanism, and constraints of the company to enter the record library again.

  In addition, in addition to the implementation of the “non -green or retreat” policy, according to the requirements of the “Notice”, most areas are only required to refer to the construction of green mines for construction standards for small mine companies. It is not forced construction.Without the need to join the strong grasp of the Green Mine Record Library, small mines and mines that do not meet the prerequisites cannot really enjoy the incentive policy or gain honor from the process of building a green mine.And motivation.

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