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Education work departments of the party committees of various provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, and the Education Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

  According to the “Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on the establishment of the fourth batch of new era of party building demonstrations and quality and excellent work of universities in the new era” (Teaching Siyu Hall letter [2023] No. 17) arrangement and selection work plan, through the educational work department of the provincial party committeeRecommendation, qualification review, expert recommendation, the construction of the party of the Ministry of Education and the comprehensive and strict party leadership team member units of the members of the party are reviewed and publicized.1001 national party building work model branches cultivate the creation unit, and the list is now announced (see Annex 1, 2, 3).The construction cycle of each cultivation and creation unit is 2 years, and from the date of the notice to March 2026.Relevant work arrangements and requirements are as follows.

  1. Cultivate and build

  Each cultivation and creation unit shall, in accordance with the requirements of the “Fourth Batch of” Double Innovation “Work Key Task Guide” attached to the “Fourth Batch of New Age College Party Construction” in Document No. 17 “, adhere to the combination of software construction and hardware construction, overall planning planningCombined with the implementation of step -by -step implementation, overall improvement and brand shape, and carry out the cultivation and creation of planning and step steps.The Ministry of Education on the National College Ideological and Political Work Network ( (hereinafter referred to as the National College Ideological Network) to build an online work platform for each cultivation and creation unit (the platform login account will be notified separately), each of which each will be notified).The unit must publish work progress and experience on the platform in time.

  2. Strengthen dynamic management

  Adhere to the combination of target management and process management, and entrusts college ideological and political work Innovation and Development Center (Huazhong Normal University) to follow up and evaluate the cultivation and creation unit.Each cultivation and creation unit shall submit a report on the progress of the mid -term construction by March 2025. The construction period shall be submitted to the work summary report, results compilation and work cases.The Ministry of Education organizes the acceptance and announces the results of the acceptance and evaluation. The construction results of the creation units that have been approved will be promoted and applied to universities across the country.Cultivate the educational work department and college party committees of the local party committee where the creation unit is located, to strengthen work guidance, provide conditions to ensure, strengthen demonstration and lead, ensure the effectiveness of construction, and lead the overall improvement of party building work in colleges and universities.

  3. Contact information

  1. The Department of Ideological and Political Work of the Ministry of Education: 010-66096675.

  2. Innovation and development of ideological and political work in colleges and universities (Huazhong Normal University): 027-67862663.

  3. National University Simpling Network: 010-56803673; 010-56803621.

  Attachment: 1. The fourth batch of “National Party Construction Work Demonstration College” cultivates the list of creation units

     2. The fourth batch of “National Party Construction Work benchmarking institutions” Cultivate the list of creation units

     3. The fourth batch of “National Party Construction Work Model Branch” cultivates the list of creation units

Department of Education

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