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  The success of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games has promoted the development of the snow and snow economy of Chongli.At present, the major snow fields are striving to create a ski resort lifestyle, organize a variety of activities, continuously meet the needs of tourists, and actively explore the development of outdoor sports and leisure industries, and operates from the snow season to the four seasons.


  In March, the weather was warmer, and Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province was still wrapped in silver.There are nearly 10,000 tourists who enter some snow field on weekends, and the customers along the streets are in the evening. The customers are at the end of the evening … The snow season is getting close to the end, but “to Chongli Ski” is still hot.

  The success of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games has promoted the development of the snow and snow economy of Chongli.A number of ice and snow competitions are held. The ice and snow sports equipment industry is bigger and stronger, and the cultural and sports brigades are deeply integrated … This snowy season, Chongli’s ice and snow economy adds new vitality.According to statistics, since the “open board” of Chongli, more than 3.1 million tourists have been received.

  Winter Olympic venues have achieved normalized operations

  Not far from the Prince City High -speed Railway Station, the “Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village” logo is particularly eye -catching.In the village in the village, the Winter Olympics seal comes from: the athletes on the statue of the square signed, the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Winter Paralympic Mascot “Bingdun Dun” and “Xue Rong Rong”, the Winter Olympic Landscape on both sides of the road … 2022During the Beijing Winter Olympics, this is the home of a warm athlete; now, the Winter Olympic Village is working hard to play a good brand and attract new “villagers”.

  ”Last year, on the basis of retaining the Winter Olympics, we transformed Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village. 1920 houses in 31 buildings in the village were all put into market operations.”In order to allow tourists to live comfortably, Winter Olympic Village also provides services such as free shuttle bus and free snowboards. At the same time, it introduces snow shops, ski schools, restaurants, cafes, rehabilitation physiotherapy rooms, etc. The supporting facilities are becoming more and more completeEssenceAccording to reports, since the village opened in November 2023, the overall occupancy rate of Winter Olympic Village was more than 75%. At the same time, it was a training base for professional sports teams. It also provided accommodation guarantee for 16 teams in Chongli.

  The “snow Ruyi” standing in the National Ski Center in the mountains, the towering stand standing, is one of the landmarks of Chongli.A few days ago, the National Ski Championships were held here, attracting more than 60 professional athletes from many provinces and cities in China to participate.Every time they are empty and leap, they have attracted the applause of the audience.

  In addition to doing professional events, “Snow Ruyi” also actively expands its business formats and attracts public participation.On New Year’s Day in 2024, dozens of tourists from Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village took a diagonal elevator to visit the “Snow Ruyi” peak club to visit the Winter Olympics atmosphere.”I have come to Chongli many times, and I feel that this is the best place to watch the sunrise.” Ms. Li, who lives in the Winter Olympic Village, said, “Looking at the sky gradually brighter, everyone is very excited and take pictures.”

  In order to enrich the experience of the tourists, “Xue Ruyi” has done a good job in supporting: the peak club has set up cafes and restaurants, and exhibitions and performances are held on a regular basis.Various activities are often held, which not only earns popularity for “snow Ruyi”, but also expands the operating format of the venue, and realizes the “non -snow season” operation.

  ”The Winter Olympics venue is a valuable wealth. After the game, the use has always received wide attention. After the transformation, the Chongli Winter Olympics venue has achieved normal operation and open to the public.” Zhai Ruofan said that as the snow season gradually ended, various venues were at the end of the snow season, and various venues were all venues.It has also done a follow -up operation plan. “It is necessary to innovate ideas, enrich business formats, and launch more cultural and sports travel products to realize the comprehensive operation of the four seasons of the venue.”

  The major snow farms are focusing on creating a holiday lifestyle

  The “same track” of the smooth winter Olympics has become one of the special features of the snowy season of Genting Ski Park.The 5 Winter Olympics channels such as U -type venue and slope obstacles are opened to the public.On the snowy road, many snow friends slipped smoothly, and some snow friends chose to experience skiing fun in the mini park not far away.

  ”The traffic of this snow season has increased significantly, and there are many tourists who come to visit, just want to see the Winter Olympics venue.” Zhang Xuguang, vice president of Genting Ski Park, said that in addition to meeting the skiing needs of Snow Friends, the snow farm will also surround the Olympic venueOperations to hold more activities, strive to continue the popularity of tourism to the “non -snow season”.

  The Taiwu Ski Town, separated by the mountain of Genting Ski Park, is committed to creating a one -stop leisure resort.In recent years, the software and hardware facilities of Taiwu Ski Town have been upgraded.The total number of guest rooms has increased from 1,200 to more than 2,600, and the service supporting facilities in catering and commercial streets are also optimized.

  ”After skating the snow, go to the hot springs, enjoy special food, and visit specialty stores. It is particularly pleasant.” In the 8 years of participating in skiing, Yao Jiamei, a citizen of Beijing, has visited Chongli Taiwu and Wanlong. “The snow seasonMeet your friends to ski and become a part of life. “

  Chongli currently has 8 large ski resorts, with more than 170 snow trails in different categories of high, medium and primary categories, with a total length of more than 160 kilometers.The major snow fields continue to innovate consumer scenarios and continue to launch cultural and sports travel products.You can not only experience the fun of skiing in Chongli, but also enjoy a variety of holiday life.

  ”In this snow season, Ice and Snow Tour grows rapidly. We strive to create a ski vacation lifestyle and organize activities such as film festivals, concerts, and photography exhibitions to continuously meet the other cultural and artistic needs of tourists.” Said Ren Xiaoqiang, manager of the market center of Taiwu Group.

  Explore the development of outdoor sports and leisure industry

  After entering the ice and snow sports equipment industry for more than 6 years, Wang Ye, the founder of Kowan, has suffered the vigorous development of the industry.As a ski enthusiast, in 2017, he began to start a business and dedicated to the design and manufacturing of ski equipment. The product covered snowboards, snow clothes, snow shoes, carbon fiber helmets, etc.In this snow season, the sales of some ski equipment reached a new high.”Volkswagen’s demand for equipment is more diverse. We see a broad market prospect and will continue to enrich product supply.” Wang Yan said.In 2020, his company settled in Zhangjiakou Ice and Snow Sports Equipment Industrial Park to grow together with other companies to make the “cake” of the big ice and snow industry.

  Volkswagen consumption demand has continued to rise, leveraging the upgrade of the ice and snow industry, and has also led to the development of Chongli Catering, accommodation, retail, leisure and entertainment and other industries.In Chongli City, snow shops, restaurants, and hotels on both sides of the road are next to each other, and all kinds of new services are complete.

  ”In recent months, the courses have been very full, especially on weekends and holidays. Everyone’s ski enthusiasm has continued to release.” Said Ren Xin, a ski coach in Taiwu Ski Town.As a native of Chongli, Ren Xin witnessed the development and changes of his hometown in the years. Like many people in Chongli, he ate “ice and snow rice” at the door of the house.He said: “Our whole family is working in the snow field, and the income has increased several times compared to before, and the days are getting red.”

  In recent years, Chongli has greatly improved infrastructure levels. High -speed rail and highways have facilitated the contacts of local residents and foreign tourists.Ren Xiaoqiang said that in recent years, there are more and more tourists in the non -snow season to Chongli, summer, and vacation. Too dancing ski town has planned a variety of activities to run through the year.”We are actively exploring the development of outdoor sports and leisure industries, expanded from the operation of the snow season to the four seasons, and let tourists from all over the world come and want to come.” Ren Xiaoqiang said.

  This snow season is gradually ended, but for Chongli, another lively season is about to start.

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