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Actively participating in exercise is good for physical health

Due to various factors, modern societycancerHigh incidence.Studies have found that long -term adherence to reasonable lawssportsPeople who can create a “cancer suppression environment” in the body can be created.To a certain extent, reduce the chance of cancer in health.

Although exercise can help anti -cancer and anti -cancer, how do we exercise correctly in daily life?

It is recommended that health people conduct at least 150 minutes per weekAerobic exercise(Medium -intensity exercise).Exercise must be gradual, long -term persistence, sweating slightly, a little hard, but not feeling tired. It is advisable to not feel tired after waking up the next day.

Cancer patients must do it according to their physical condition when they exercise. It is recommended to start exercise from walking.Each exercise time is maintained in 15-20 minutes, and the body can increase to 30 to 40 minutes. After exercise, you can sweat slightly after exercise.Those who have a better physical recovery, do not fatigue after exercise, may wish to insist on exercise every day.Remind that cancer patients cannot barely perform too high -intensity exercise to avoid reverse effects.

In addition to anti -cancer prevention, there are five major benefits

Exercise can promote the speed of blood circulation, and some waste in the blood vessels can also be discharged faster.For people who often exercise, their vascular elasticity is better than those who do not exercise, and the risk of suffering from various cardiovascular diseases will also decrease.

When we exercise, the heart rate will gradually rise. At this time, the lungs need to absorb a large amount of oxygen to maintain breathing, which can greatly help protect the cardiopulmonary function.

Adhering to regular exercise will help exercise and enhance cardiovascular function, and will speed up some metabolic waste discharge in the brain, which will be beneficial to enhance the brain function.

Regular exercise helps to exercise cardiopulmonary function

Exercise can help release dopamine hormones and make people feel happy.Therefore, although many people feel tired after exercise, they are very relaxed and have a good effect on relieving stress.

During the movement, the peristalsis of our gastrointestinal tract will accelerate. For people with constipation, we can have a good effect.If there is no constipation trouble, you can also prevent constipation by exercise.

Recommend 3 “cost -effectiveness” the highest exercise

For ordinary people, what exercise is more appropriate to engage in daily life?According to the conclusion of a research analysis of “Liu Ye Dao”, the three “cost -effective” 3 sport areswim, Swiping exercise, aerobic exercise.

Swimming is a very recommended sport. During the swimming process, it is necessary to use the muscles of the whole body to coordinate and cooperate without hurting the knee joint.On the contrary, while exercising the muscles and cardiopulmonary function of the whole body, it can also play a role in protecting the joints, which is very suitable for overweight people who need to lose weight.

The effect of swinging is obvious for the people of a long -seated desk work

When swinging, you need to use the eyeball to judge the ball, allowing the brain to judge which place to get the ball from the ball, which can mobilize the whole body muscles to complete the movement.For some people who have worked for a long time and work in desk, waving exercise can help improve physical flexibility, prevent cervical spondylosis, and improve emotions.

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