On Wednesday, Sergio Ramos made his official debut as a Sevilla player. Earlier, he reached an agreement with Sevilla to rejoin his old club.

In order to return to Sevilla, Ramos turned down well-paid offers from Saudi Arabian and Turkish clubs. He played for Sevilla until 2005 before moving to Real Madrid, which angers some fans to this day.

In a press conference, Ramos re-emphasized how incredible it was that he was able to return to Sevilla after 18 years.

“A dream come true, I’m back in my hometown after 18 years. It’s a dream come true moment. Today is a day I want to remember forever. I want to share this moment with all my loved ones. It’s going to be a very exciting day for me.

Ramos also shared the moment he learned of Sevilla’s decision to sign him, which left the 37-year-old with no hesitation.

“When the phone rang, it was my brother’s voice and he told me I was coming home. He understood what it meant to me. When he told me the offer from Sevilla had arrived, I hardly hesitated. It was the last club to make the offer, but it was the first one I said yes to.

Sergio Ramos gets a warm welcome, 23,000 Sevilla fans cheer on his return to Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan

After the press conference, Ramos appeared in front of the Sevilla fans, 23,000 of whom flocked to the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan stadium to warmly welcome the veteran back to his hometown.

Although this transfer is a chance for Ramos to return home, he is eager to help Sevilla succeed this season. He understands that Sevilla’s task is very important and not being satisfied with the status quo will be the last thing he wants to do.

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