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Recently, many friends have noticed that some drinking pages, product packaging, container and other scenarios have appeared nutritional identification, which divide the drinks into four levels of A, B, C, and D.Many friends do not understand that these four levels are divided according to what standards, which represents what it means, and how to choose a healthier drink.Let’s understand with the introduction of the Shanghai Centers for Disease Control.

According to reports, there are currently 4 companies participating in the pilot of the “Nutrition Choice” logo. This year, the product sales menu, beverage packaging, online single program and sales stores will be successively marked in the Shanghai region’s product sales menu, beverage packaging, online order program and selling stores.Tiered logo.

The four levels of ABCD, comprehensively reflecting the content of sugar, fat and other ingredients in the beverage, you can see which one is healthier at a glance.

1. “Nutritional selection” Based on the content of non -lactated sugar, saturated fat, trans fats, and non -sugar sweeteners in the beverage, the beverage is comprehensively graded.

2. The “Nutritional Selection” classification identification is divided into level 4, from A to D level, decreased the degree of recommendation.

Know the “Nutritional Selection” classification identification

The full identification of “Nutrition Selection” will appear in the scenes of beverage packaging, ordering program, menu and other scenarios. The enlarged letters are on the corresponding level.

When there is no enough space or the background is too messy to display the full logo, the simplified logo will be used, and there is a marked interpretation logo on the same display page. The small partner can still understand the overall classification.

Read the “Nutrition Selection” grading logo

The “nutritional selection” beverage classification method mainly refers to domestic and foreign standards. Consider the distribution of nutritional content and crowd drink intake of beverage. Finally, according to the beverageNon -lactating sugar, saturated fat, trans fat, non -sugar sweeterThe content of the beverage is comprehensive and classified from A to D, and its recommendation degree is reduced.

To put it simply, a “nutritional choice” of a drink depends on its “shortcomings”.

for example: The non -milk -derived sugar content of a drink is 5.6g/100ml, so the non -milk -derived sugar level is C -Class; the saturated fat content is 1.2g/100ml, so the saturated fat level is B/100ml, the level is A -level; the non -sugar sweetener is not added.

In general,A, B -level beverages contain lower sugar and fat than C, D -level beverages, How should friends buy drinks at a glance!

Where can I see the “Nutrition Selection” classification logo

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