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  On the afternoon of April 19th, () held the 2023 annual shareholders ‘meeting in Chengdu, which benefited from the continuous improvement of operating performance. The shareholders’ meeting attracted many institutional investors and individual investors to actively participate.As a leading company in A -share composite condiment, the company realized operating income of 3.149 billion yuan in 2023, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 457 million yuan, an increase of 17.02%and 33.65%year -on -year, and the revenue and net profit were both the same period of highs.

  ”Securities Daily” reporter saw at the scene that many investors actively asked questions to Tianwei Food Management, and on the company’s marketing strategy, product structure, new product development, future development strategies, dividend planning and other matters to the company’s management of the company’s managementAsk the layer to express its concern and attention to the company’s development.

  In 2023, under the leadership of “focusing and refined” cultural themes, the ability construction has improved significantly, laying a solid foundation for the realization of the company’s strategic goals, and has achieved a good growth in operating performance throughout the year.Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the development, production and sales of composite seasoning. The main products include hundreds of varieties such as hot pot seasonings, Chinese -style vegetable seasonings, sausage bacon seasonings, and spicy sauce.In particular, the company’s new product has reached a new level in 2023, and the third -generation thick hot pot, spicy grilled fish, beef clear soup and other products launched by the company have obtained good market feedback.

  The annual report data shows that day -to -flavon food has achieved positive growth in revenue in hot pot seasonings, Chinese -style vegetable seasonings, sausage bacon seasonings, chicken essence and other product sectors. The corresponding product revenue is 1.222 billion yuan, 1.519 billion yuan, 296 million yuan, 4733.7555, 4733.7510,000 yuan, a year -on -year increase of 1.97%, 28.58%, 47.73%, and 14.75%, of which the revenue of sausage bacon seasonings was the fastest.

  Wu Xuejun, director and deputy general manager of Tianwei Food, told the “Securities Daily” reporter: “In recent years, the company’s sausage bacon seasoning category has increased significantly.Dedicated products, the company has done some work through early layout and in terms of channel construction. In addition, under the action of new media, the product has been continuously penetrated, and it has gradually expanded from regional products to national products.This product sector revenue continues to grow. “

  Talking about the company’s new product development plan in the future, Wu Xuejun said that the company’s product development will still focus on catering consumers’ current major trends. One is healthy. The company first completed the “0 addition” of the entire category in the industry last year;The second is to develop some products suitable for young people with strong health attributes; the third is to upgrade traditional products and upgrade in terms of craftsmanship and characteristic flavors, such as the thick hot pot launched by the company last year.

  In addition, the high -proportion dividend schemes previously released by Sky Foods have also attracted investors’ attention.The dividend plan shows that the company intends to issue a cash dividend of 4 yuan (tax) for every 10 shares of the shareholders, and the total cash dividend is planned to be 423 million yuan (including tax). In addition, the company implemented a share repurchase amount of 409,900 yuan last year and was similar to cash.Dividends, so the total amount of cash dividends in 2023 was about 424 million yuan, accounting for 92.74%of the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies that year.

  In this regard, He Changjun, Secretary of the Board of Dian Food, told the reporter of the Securities Daily: “The company has always attached great importance to investor returns, and there are also dividends before listing. Especially after the listing in 2019The dividend ratio of dividends If the company’s follow -up investment and production capacity expansion, the company has no special need, the company still hopes to give investors a continuous return. “

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