On that day, the Dodgers will wear Kobe jerseys with Kobe 24 and the words “Black Mamba.” The Dodgers will also host a series of pre-game commemorative events, including fan performances, a Kirby tribute video and messages from Kirby’s family and friends.

Dodgers General Manager Brian Meyer said, “We are excited to host this year’s ‘Lakers Night’ theme day. Kobe is a Los Angeles legend who has had a profound impact on the city and both teams. We hope this game will be an opportunity to honor Kobe and celebrate his contributions to the sport.”

The Los Angeles Dodgers hosted their annual “Lakers Night” theme day today in honor of Kobe Bryant.

Dodger Stadium, home of the Dodgers, will also be decorated for the day, including hanging Kirby’s photo and jersey inside and outside the stadium. The Dodgers will also give away a Dodgers jersey dedicated to Kobe to fans in attendance.

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