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(Kuala Lumpur, 21st) The Public Accounts Committee of the Congress restricts the Ministry of Education in response to 4 improvement suggestions such as “zero -lost school building” within 2 months.

In other words, the Ministry of Public Accounts will take action before the next hearing.

President Datuk Martilamiti said that the four suggestions are the Ministry of Education must implement the national zero -loss school building plan to provide a safe and favorable environment for teaching and learning; strengthen the planning and implement the school’s maintenance plan, reduce the school’s quiltsThe possibility of listed as a school.

Today, she held a press conference in the Congress Building that the Ministry of Education also needed to strengthen the project management method by continuously convening the development action committee of the Ministry of Education to ensure that all planned plans were completed as scheduled.

Strengthen the reconstruction guidance committee

“It is necessary to further strengthen the reconstruction guidance committee led by the Ministry of Education, and more efficiently solve the subject of the school.”

The Hearing Club on January 17 summoned the Secretary -General of the Ministry of Education Datuk Datuk Nienarus, the deputy director of the Public Engineering Bureau Datuk Padiozaman, the deputy director of the Infrastructure of the Sarawak Engineering Bureau Cassidi, and the Sabah EngineeringDeputy Director of the Bureau Peter Rhihri Sasser.

Today, the Public Accounts will submit a report on the repair and reconstruction management of the Ministry of Education, the Public Engineering Bureau, the Sarawak Engineering Bureau, and the Sabah Engineering Bureau.

Marsl Miliadi said that the public ledger also visited the school on February 5 to the school that was listed in Sarawak 4, namely the Sarawak Subo Elementary School and the South Carg Renjiang Elementary School, and the Muzhong Serabon StatePrimary School Elementary School.

She said that the public ledger would find a school building, which had been identified and disrupted as early as many years ago, and the engineering bureau did not recommend continuing to use, and it has not been improved until now.

“The public ledger will be informed that the reason for this situation is the restriction of funds.

“The public ledger also found that the application for approval of the Ministry of Education for the application of the school building was delayed, resulting in a notice of changes, which caused the existing damage to become more serious and became more complicated due to new requirements.”

The replacement environment is not conducive to studying

Marsl Miliadi said that the Ministry of Education did not immediately take action to solve the problem, which caused the engineering bureau to be listed as unsafe and unsuitable school buildings.process.

She pointed out that in addition, there are other expenses, such as building temporary classrooms, increasing management costs and time costs, and subsequent expenses such as building students, as well as the pressure of school staff or staff of the Ministry of Education and Education Bureau, the work pressure of the staff of the Ministry of Education and Education BureauIncrease.

She said that the Ministry of Education and the Engineering Bureau had realized that the planning plan for the implementation of the school building of the reciprocal disability through engineering facilities was not efficient, so they had agreed that they would no longer follow the relevant methods. As for the supporting projects that were cut and listed as a pathological state, they were in close supervision of the Engineering BureauEssence

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