Back to the earth in spring, Vientiane is updated.This spring, panda dairy is a bit busy and particularly eye -catching.

From March 15th to 22nd, Panda Dairy (300898.SZ) brought new categories and classic series to Chengdu and Shanghai, and became the 110th National Sugar and Wine Commodity Fair Hotel Show, 27th China International Food Additives and IngredientsThe popular booths of the exhibition, customers who ask for inquiry and the audience who taste new products are endless.

In order to continue the distance with consumers, during the exhibition, Panda dairy carried out a series of interactive activities to penetrate the main products through the display links such as pastry, coffee modulation, and western food production.”Chea Creamy Powder”, “Gui Gui Oolong Fresh Milk Tea”, which is tuneing with alcohol and whole milk, has been generally praised by consumers.At the same time, the company’s senior application R & D engineers discussed in depth market trends and industry challenges with professional customers at the scene, and shared the successful application cases of the panda series products in the food industry, and comprehensively conveyed the company’s brand culture and value concept.

Panda dairy is a national high -tech enterprise that integrates the development, production, sales and technology services of dairy products. It is currently a large -scale and distinctive concentrated dairy product manufacturer in China.Panda dairy, as the resident exhibitor of the industry’s heavy exhibition, is popular every year.In order to live up to expectations, panda dairy comes with new products every year.In 2024, the new products & mdash; & mdash; Plant -based series products “Zhichun Times” and snack series “okay cheese” fully show the brand’s ambition to continuously expand the C -end market while making the B -end.

In October 2023, Panda Dairy said that the growth of the plant -based business of Hainan Company exceeded expectations.Hainan factory has added, upgraded some equipment, and increases product types. It pays more attention to changes and innovations of related product tastes to meet the needs of new products of partners, and to actively expand new customer bases.In February 2024, panda dairy submitted 3 trademark registration applications such as the “Zhichun Times”. During this exhibition, the “Zhichun Times” officially unveiled the mystery & mdash; & mdash;R & D and advanced process polishing, the product meets the application needs of various catering companies with its delicate taste and diverse flavor.

Earlier, Panda Dairy developed plant -based base milk products with “light health”.Award.In recent years, based on the popularity of the concept of healthy life, the “coconut” products have continued to cause a wave. At the various food and beverage exhibitions held in early 2024, “coconut” is still “singing the protagonist”.In order to open up a new track and expand market space, panda dairy starts from scratch and actively deploy coconut business. It turns out that the plate has a strong growth.In 2021, panda dairy products launched raw coconut milk and thick coconut milk categories for tea, coffee and other drinking channels, and successfully signed a contract with large customers. In 2022, the coconut business gradually increased, and revenue increased by more than 20%year -on -year.It is reported that the successive development of catering customers and the increase in orders for the original customer is the main reason for the rapid growth of the business of the sector.At the same time, the company uses plant -based food and nutritional health food as a related diversified business, and insists on deepening, transparent, strong, and specialized.

In addition, during this exhibition, Panda dairy launching “okay cheese” new cheese popcorn & mdash; & mdash; classic tomato flavor, emerald cucumber flavor and fragrant spicy flavor, as well as “nothing but cheese” triangular cheese crispy garlic flavor, inThe snack sector has made more diversified innovation, and many cooperation intentions have been gained on the scene.In recent years, panda dairy products have aimed at the casual food market, creating a 3 -year -old+children’s snack brand “Panda companion” and developed by cheese as the main element.EssenceAmong them, “Panda companion” is loved by children and gradually become a good helper for channel customers to expand the children’s market; “nothing but cheese” will fully expand the “snack PLUS+” consumption application scenarios to strengthen the interaction with young consumers.Exhibit “new image” for the “old name”.

In addition to the new series of products, the classic products of panda dairy products have also attracted much attention.It is understood that in early 2024, the “Panda brand” of Panda Dairy was rated “Chinese Time”., Baking, drinking, food processing and other fields, such as sweet refined milk application scenarios have gradually expanded from catering channels to tea and baking channels, and firing milk is mainly drinking channels.With the continuous expansion of the product on the B -end application scenario, during the exhibition, the panda dairy booth attracted a large number of professional customers to stop and negotiate.Some of the merchants said that the high quality and innovation of panda dairy have promoted the formation of more cooperation intentions, especially in recent years, the brand’s expansion in categories and channels, it is quite effective and promising in the future.

Based on the long -term stability of the main business and the rapid growth of the new sector, panda dairy has formed four category matrix with “mainly cream, cheese, and plant bases”Series, cheese series, cheese yogurt, coconut milk series, coconut juice beverages and other products, and reached stabilitycooperate.In terms of channels, the company has initially established a sales network covering more than 30 provinces across the country. With East China and South China as the “main position”, it actively promotes regional expansion.Promote the sinking channels, and open online channels such as Tmall flagship store, Douyin shop, Xiaohong Bookstore, and Pinduoduo shops.

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