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Chao News Client Reporter Wang Jingping
Recently, MMCHOKK and Trend Pioneer Buyer Shop Treff Shop jointly created a fashion flash event about “love and peace” in Hangzhou Binjiang.Pickup in people.
The event was another joined by MMCHOKK and Treff Shop after jointly organizing fashion and environmental public welfare activities.The creative “love” elements of the flower device at the scene, carefully created by the use of abandoned design materials. This is not only a unique art presentation, but also the expectation of “love and peace”.
MMCHOKK’s manager Patrick introduced that, as a sustainable fashion pet accessories brand, Mmchokk insists on protecting the environment and protecting animals as its mission, with unique design to provide the owner and pet’s exclusive fashion experience.Brand products also adopt natural degradable materials that meet EU environmental standards, such as synthetic leather made of recycled pineapple fibers, not only durable, but also safe and friendly to humans and animals, and protect the earth with practical actions.
The reporter learned that the new series contains five exquisite earrings and pearl necklaces. In addition, the three specially designed collars and traction ropes of pets are specially designed to add fun and fashionable style to cute pets.
“Each pet jewelry has become a bond between the emotional connection between the owner and the pet. We enjoy the design to protect the warm and loving world. We are convinced that by conveying the brand concept full of love and care, we will also have positive to the world to be positive for the world”Meaningful” the main person Patrick said.
This pop -up activity will last for a month, which will be open for a limited time in Hangzhou TREFF SHOP. Interested fashion lovers can go to experience unique fashion fun.
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