The Ministry of Education announced on March 19 the results of the record and approval of undergraduate majors in general colleges and universities in general colleges and universities, and released the undergraduate professional catalog of general colleges and universities in 2024.

In the adjustment of undergraduate majors in ordinary universities, 24 new majors were officially included in the undergraduate professional catalog. Since 2024, the college entrance examination enrollment has been conducted.Among them, the two majors of the Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education have added two major football and sports recreation, both of which are major in sports.

The setting of sports recreation major is to focus on serving the strategic needs of China and the implementation of the construction of a strong sports country.Football major is established under the requirements of actively exploring the “three major balls” development path of Chinese characteristics and the overall plan of Chinese football reform and development on the training of “three major balls” with Chinese characteristics.

The Admissions Office of the Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education stated that the current football major belongs to the Football Academy, and the sports recreation major belongs to the School of Sports and Health.Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education Football College is the first full -time undergraduate school in the country to formulate a special football talent training plan. The sports training major is very distinctive and influential in South China.Employment direction is to engage in football teaching, training and administration in education and sports systems; state -owned enterprises and institutions, companies and football clubs.

According to China Sports Culture Education Network “Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education 2024 Football Professional Admissions Measures”, the main courses of football are sports anatomy, sports physiology, sports training, sports psychology, sports skills learning and control, school sports science, Sports competition, football skills and tactics, football competition rules, referee theory and practice, football coach coaching theory and practice, football physical theory practice and monitoring, football performance theory and practice, football club operation theory and practice, football leagueOperation theory and practice.

According to the Admissions Office of the Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education, the establishment of football and sports recreation major is also based on the perspective of school development.The school has arranged the setting of relevant teaching work and the establishment of a student training plan.Specific enrollment information and introductions can be found on the official website of the Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education.

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