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Peninsula reporter Wang Chunyan correspondent You Xiao Sun Yue

In order to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Navy, on April 19, the Qingdao Military Resort Service Center and the Education and Sports Bureau of the Municipal South District held the “Tourism Navy Blue Dream Boy Red” hundred military arms entered the campus red preaching activities and organized the army to rest.Cadres, Qingdao South District Experimental Primary School Education Group (District Experimental Campus), Qingdao Laiwu One Primary School, Qingdao Guizhou Road Primary School teachers and students, a total of more than 70 people walked into the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Naval Museum.Heroes, inherit the red gene, and cultivate the concept of coastal defense.

Junxiu cadres Lu Yunxing, Ling Shulin, and Zhou Tongbao told all teachers and students about the development of carrier -based helicopters, destroyers, and submarines.

As China’s first -generation carrier -based helicopter special pilot, Junxiu Cadres Lu Yunxing once soared to Hai Tian for 33 years, holding 5 models of driving rods, flying safely for more than 2,700 hours.Second-rate.”I flew‘ Super Hornet ’in the 25th year, participated in many military exercises and visits with the ship, and performed more than 20 major tasks. Seeing it, it’ s like seeing your child, very kind. ”

“The destroyer is a multi -purpose warship. The main task is to escort, reconnaissance, etc. I have participated in the Somali escort task twice. Among them, the longest sailing was 216 days, which lasted for 7 and a half months.”In the year, he served in the army and served in more than 20 countries.

Before the Long March 1 submarine, Zhou Tongbao, a military cadre, told his experience in the army.”The submarine soldiers are very hard. Sometimes the sea and waves at sea are very large. Everyone is vomiting in seasickness, and it must overcome the discomfort of the body. It also needs to perform tasks. When sailing, it often sails for dozens of days and nights in water.”Second-rate.

After finishing this vivid “red classroom”, students at the scene said that such defense education is very creative.The popularity of the people’s navy to Haitu Qiang and the strength of the motherland.”As a young pioneer in the new era, we should cherish the hard -to -come peaceful environment. When we grow up, we have made our own contributions to the defense cause.” Said Micrius in the 7th grade 7th grade of Qingdao Laiwu all the way.

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