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(Text/Editor of Xie Hongjuan/Ma Yuanyuan) In the context of the downground of the real estate market, Xincheng Holdings still achieves positive profitability.
Recently, Xincheng Holdings released the 2023 performance report.During the reporting period, Xincheng Holdings realized operating income of 119.174 billion yuan. Among them, real estate development and sales realized operating income of 107.336 billion yuan in this period, an increase of 2.34%from the previous year;A year -on -year increase of 15.26%.
At the same time, Xincheng Holdings realized the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 737 million yuan, and realized net profit of 307 million yuan in deducting non -recurring profit and loss of shareholders of listed companies.
Rental rent is 11.324 billion yuan
In 2023, the real estate market has not stopped falling, and the sales of commercial housing sales and sales area across the country continue to fall.
Faced with the sluggish market, Xincheng Holdings has set up a reasonable business strategy and marketing strategy to focus on sales and funds. During the reporting period, the payment amount was 81.2 billion yuan in 2023, and the repayment rate was 107%; the contract sales amount was 75.983 billion yuanYuan, the contract sales area of 9.687 million square meters, is the 18th and 10th place in the “2023 Chinese Real Estate Enterprise Sales Performance Rankings” released by the China Index Research Institute.
The development business maintains a scale advantage, and the business performance of Xincheng Holdings is even more eye -catching.
Data show that as of the end of the reporting period, Xincheng Holdings has deployed 198 Wuyue Plaza in 135 cities across the country. The number of Wuyue Plaza has reached 161.The moat.
At the same time, the average rental rate of Xincheng Holdings has reached 96.48%, an increase of 1.4 percentage points year -on -year.
Thanks to the advantages of quantity and area, the advantages of the investment and operation system, during the period, Xincheng Holdings realizes the total commercial operation income of 11.324 billion yuan (including: the rent and management fee of the shop, office building and shopping center, Parking lot, various operations and other sporadic management fees), a year -on -year increase of 13.17%.
Talking about the plan of 2024, Xincheng Holdings stated that the company plans to realize the total commercial operation revenue of 12.5 billion yuan in 2024, and 12 newly opened Wuyue Plaza.
“It is planned to start construction of 51 new projects, and the new construction area is 4.0819 million square meters, of which 1.6966 million square meters of residential projects and 2.3853 million square meters of commercial complex projects. The planned 177 sub -projects are planned.Among them, the residential project is 6.5936 million square meters and the commercial complex project is 6.9949 million square meters. “
Business cash flow for six consecutive years is positive
As one of the few high -quality private enterprises and demonstration high -quality real estate companies in the industry, Xincheng Holdings financing channels are unblocked.
The annual report shows that throughout the year in 2023, Xincheng Holdings achieved domestic financing of approximately 18.12 billion yuan and issued 100 million US dollars of bonds overseas.As of the end of 2023, the overall average financing cost of Xincheng Holdings was 6.2%, a decrease of 0.32 percentage points from 6.52%in 2022.
Specifically, on May 22, Xincheng Holding Foreign Corporation New Town Global completed the issuance of US $ 100 million unsecured fixed interest rate bonds for the repayment of the company’s US dollar bonds with a principal of $ 100 million during the reporting period.The U.S. dollar bonds are newly issued by the first foreign dollar bonds in the first real estate foreign dollar bond since March 2023, and it is also a general US dollar bond for pure company credit.
On June 14, Xincheng Holdings completed the issuance of 1.1 billion yuan in domestic corporate bonds with the “Central Local Links” model. The comprehensive ticket interest rate was 5.65%. In July, it was supported by 1.316 billion yuan of green (carbon neutralized) commercial real estate mortgage loans to support support.Issuance of securities.
At the same time, under the guidance of policy support and the guidance of the People’s Bank of China, in accordance with the unified deployment of the interbank market dealers’ association, China Bond Credit Investment Co., Ltd. actively supports high -quality private real estate companies for public market financing.Under the provision of the full unconditional irrevocable joint and bringing liability guarantee guarantee, Xincheng Holdings completed the issuance of two medium -term notes in two in total in the reporting period.
Among them, on July 24th, Xincheng Holdings completed the issuance of the first phase of the first phase of 2023, with a issuance scale of 850 million yuan, and the ticket interest rate was 4%. On December 13, Xincheng Holdings completed the second phase of the second phase of the 2023 year.850 million yuan of tickets, ticket interest rates were 4.48%.
During the reporting period, Xincheng Holdings further dropped the interest liabilities, with interest liabilities of 57.1 billion yuan, a year -on -year decrease of 14.2 billion yuan. As of the end of the reporting period, the company’s joint equity interest liabilities fell to 5.208 billion yuan.
In addition, as of the end of 2023, Xincheng Holdings was 19 billion yuan in cash in hand, with abundant cash in hand; the company’s operating cash flow was 10.2 billion yuan, and the operating cash flow for 6 consecutive years was positive.
It is worth mentioning that Xincheng Holdings has a good condition and the remaining credit quota is sufficient.As of the end of the reporting period, the company’s total credit granted by major banks received a total of 109 billion yuan, of which the company and subsidiaries have used 28.1 billion yuan in credit. The company can carry out financing within the above total credit quota to support the development of the business.
Xincheng Holdings stated that because the company’s operating cash flow in the past six years is positive and the “Notice on Doing a Better Property Loan Management” and a list of financing whites, and the unsecured mortgaged Wuyue Plaza, I believe it is believed to be held. I believeCan get enough operating funds and sources of financing can settle debts within the next year.
It is reported that in 2024, Xincheng Holdings needs to repay only 5.1 billion yuan in domestic and overseas public bonds. The company will, as always, show good credit to the capital market to ensure that each debt is paid early or expired.

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