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On April 20, the first event of the Nutrition Community of the Beijing Community Games in 2024 walked into the middle of the Grand Canal Cultural Tourism Scenic Spot in Tongzhou District, and more than 400 residents from the area participated in it.The event was hosted by the Beijing Social Sports Management Center, the Tongzhou District Sports Bureau, hosted by the Beijing Community Sports Association, Tongzhou Tongyun Street Office, and the Beijing Nutritionist Association and Beijing Dexian Sports Culture Co., Ltd.

At the opening ceremony, the excellent fitness team from Tongyun Street conducted a fitness project display, and the performance team showed the enthusiasm of Tongzhou residents’ enthusiastic sunshine.This activity is divided into two parts: nutritional knowledge lectures and national physical fitness monitoring.Nutritional knowledge lectures include both professional scientific dietary knowledge and body spine health knowledge, allowing community residents to adjust the dietary habits that suits them through nutritional knowledge.The national constitutional monitoring is also loved by the majority of residents. The residents completed the test one by one under the guidance of the staff. Not only did they intuitively understand their physical shape, physical function, and physical fitness, they can also obtain scientific health management suggestions based on the test results.Or “exercise prescription” is conducive to scientific exercise in targeted in the future and “add” for health.

This event is the first stop of the Nutritional Community of the Beijing Community Games. The event has a positive guiding role in continuously promoting the physical life of the residents’ fitness and enriching the residents of the residents.The event organizing committee brought the event to the urban auxiliary center, actively organized a variety of colorful sports and fitness activities in Tongzhou District, and contributed to creating a modern and high -quality urban sub -center.

The Beijing Community Games Nutrition Community Activities adhere to the people -centered competition concept. The event has continued to hold for 6 years. This year, scientific fitness methods and nutritional knowledge will continue to be brought to the city sub -center, back to the sky, and other areas.Pay attention to the problem of fitness and health, escort the health of the citizens, and promote the construction of healthy China with scientific and effective means.

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MLS Football Jersey