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The 135th China Import and Export Commodity Fair (referred to as the Canton Fair) is hot.Can Guangzhou develop high -quality development?With the old friend of the people of Guangzhou, the Director-General of the Asian Olympic Council, and the Chairman of the World Swimming Federation, Hussein Aline Musalam, visiting Huacheng, a reporter from Guangzhou Daily conducted an exclusive interview with him to listen to him about sports.The relationship with urban planning, economic development, international influence, and people’s happiness, he praised CALL and plan for Guangzhou, and also expressed his deep affection with Guangzhou.
Mo Weipun-Director-General of the Board of Council, Hussein Aya, Chairman of the International Swimming Federation
35 years with Guangzhou for 35 years
Hussein is an old friend in Guangzhou. He has visited Guangzhou many times to contact and guide the work of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee, which has contributed excellent wisdom and strength to Guangzhou’s successfully hosting the 2010 Asian Games.Today, in the critical period of the 15th National Games and the Disabled Olympics, Hussein visited Sui again. His deep friendship in Guangzhou and the concern and attention to the National Games were overwhelming.
In the days of Sui, Hussein surveyed the development of Guangzhou’s science and technology, culture, sports and other fields on the spot, and also felt the new changes and vitality of Guangzhou in person.In the face of media interviews, he recalled multi -dimensional and multi -level memories and talked about the relationship with Guangzhou. In addition to praising Huacheng, he also made suggestions.
He believes that Guangzhou has the power to host any national sports competition. Here a group of diving Olympic champions like Quanhongzhang and Yang Jinghui have emerged.”The Hometown of Swimming”, Guangzhou has a unique resource advantage to carry out water sports. In the future, it can continue to show the charm and style of the city by organizing water sports events.
During the interview, Hussein recalled affectionately with Guangzhou.
In 1989, the Asian Swimming Championship was held in Guangzhou. Hussein, who had just joined the Asian Austrian Council, set foot on this ancient city of Lingnan for the first time.At that time, Guangzhou was at the beginning of the reform and opening up, and the streets and alleys were full of endless vitality.Hussein was deeply attracted by the charm of the city.
In the blink of an eye, it was 35 spring and autumn.From the first acquaintance, to Xiang Xiang, in 35 years, Hussein has become an old friend of the people of Guangzhou and Guangzhou, and has also witnessed Guangzhou’s appearance on the Asian sports stage, making new brilliant on the world stage.
During this visit to Sui, the old friends in Guangzhou showed him the precious image he left in Guangzhou over the past 20 years.Looking at the familiar scenes and figures, Hussein’s thoughts could not help but return to the first 10 years of this century.”In 2002, 2003, 2004 … I came to Guangzhou many members of the Asian Olympic Council’s inspection team to inspect the preparation of the Asian Games in Guangzhou in Guangzhou.”
Mo Weipun-Director-General of the Board of Council, Hussein Aya, Chairman of the International Swimming Federation
The changes in Guangzhou are changing with each other
Hussein recalled that in 2004, after Guangzhou successfully obtained the hosting right, he visited Guangzhou more frequently and worked with the staff of the preparatory team in Guangzhou to handle the Guangzhou Asian Games as one of the most exciting sports meetings in the history of the Asian Games.
“Guangzhou has always had a special location in my heart.” Hussein’s emotions for Guangzhou have already surpassed simple love and appreciation.
This city that almost runs through Hussein’s career in the Asia Olympic Council has achieved each other with Hussein and witnessed each other.In 2005, it was at the Asian Olympic Council meeting held in Guangzhou that Hussein was elected as the director of the general.This has also become a milestone in his career.The successful holding of a series of major events such as the Guangzhou Asian Games also provides valuable experience for him to participate in more international events.
Based on these achievements and experience, in 2015, Hussein became the first Asian to be elected as the chairman of the World Swimming Federation, playing a greater role in the world sports stage.
Guangzhou is a window for the world to understand Chinese -style modernization. Through this window, Hussein saw the huge changes in China and profound changes behind it.
“Today’s Guangzhou, with Guangzhou 35 years ago, is completely two cities.”
While in Guangzhou, Hussein strolled with his old friends on the streets of Guangzhou.He saw that Haixin Sha, which once held the opening ceremony of the Asian Games, has now become the new living room of the city, and citizens and tourists shared the joyful time here.It was also there. For the first time, he visited Haixin Bridge. This walking bridge on both sides of the Pearl River was unique. With reference to the Qinqin shape of Lingnan, he was amazing.
“In Guangzhou, modern and traditional integration is perfect. I have always thought about how this city has completed so many great feats in just 30 years?”
Perhaps at GAC’s production line, Hussein found his own answer.In the GAC Innovation Factory, automated production lines, advanced product design, and the use of clean energy technology, Hussein specifically perceived the details of Guangzhou’s innovation and development outside the high -rise building.
“Eat a delicious dish, I know this is not just the credit of the chef. In addition to the restaurant, there must be a complete catering system here;The perfect industrial chain is playing a role.The foundation of science and technology innovation and the active participation of millions of college students and the booming ecology.
Whether it is the successful holding of sports events or the vigorous development of industrial innovation, it is inseparable from a complete innovation ecosystem. This is also the logic of Hussein’s understanding of Chinese -style modernization in Guangzhou.
Guangzhou is the “city of sports”
From the perspective of Hussein Al-Musaram, there is no doubt that Guangzhou is a “city of movement”. Here I have held the 2nd National Games, the first Asian Games, the first women’s football World Cup, and badminton, table tennis, ping pongLarge -scale events such as balls, dragon boats, and crossing the Pearl River are the excellent genes of this city and citizens.
“I think the hardware facilities such as the swimming and water project venues in Guangzhou are very good. Guangzhou has very advantages in water projects. There are many world champions of diving, swimming, and patterns.It is also one of the significance of our large -scale events; I believe that Guangzhou can definitely host any worldwide events; at the same time, I also hope that in the process of hosting the event, I can see some new ideas in Guangzhou. “Hussein said.
For the Fifteen Games in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, Hussein said that this is a relatively large highlight of the National Games. This is not only a sports event, but also to strengthen the flow of people and logistics in the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area.Attract foreign investment and promote the development of the local tourism industry.”
Mentioned the advantages of Chinese water movement, Hussein said that the Chinese delegation harvested 38 gold in the Tokyo Olympics. Among them, 10 gold medals came from swimming and diving, accounting for a very high proportion; in the Doha Swimming World Championships recently, ChinaThe team won a total of 33 medals of 23 gold, 8 silver and 2 bronze, ranking first in the gold medal list and medal list.Hussein said that at the Paris Olympics this year, the Chinese team’s water projects will definitely shine.
Hussein believes that if Guangzhou can host some World Swimming Federation events, it will be helpful for the future Los Angeles Olympic Games and even the Bridbon Olympic Games (Chinese teams to achieve good results).
He mentioned that the World Swimming Federation Masters is a contest that promotes water sports. There will be tens of thousands of athletes from different ages and different levels to participate.Gathering and playing.
Hussein was impressed by Pan Zhanle, a 19 -year -old teenager Pan Zhanle, who had just broke the men’s 100 -meter freestyle world record in Doha. “There is a very powerful team behind him, and there are special coaches to provide him with various training.Another athlete that smaller than him is faster than him, as long as you work hard, you can win. “
Promote water sports life
At the end of 2022, the World Swimming Federation completed the English rename, and changed from FINA to World Aquatics. From the original French abbreviation of swimming to a wider range of water projects, and proposed a new vision: a connection between water, health, life, and movementThe world you get up.
In the interview, Hussein turned into a “salesman” and vigorously promoted the water project.Social networks are very beneficial. “
He mentioned that some world’s top football or basketball players choose to swim as a means of rehabilitation after finishing training or game.
“I saw an example at the Asian Paralympic Games Museum of the Asian Games, and the horses were relaxed in the water every time the horse was finished.”
In Hussein’s view, Guangzhou has very good natural conditions, and the citizens here love water and water.Participating in water projects is also a way to enjoy life and natural resources.He himself and his grandchildren and friends will choose a place where you can swim.
As the chairman of the World Swimming Federation, Hussein not only pays attention to the top athletes and top competitions of the water project, but also hopes to make more people in the water project by holding more people’s activities.Essence
Not long ago, a shocking scene occurred in the Doha Swimming World Championships: a white -haired old man completed a feat of single -person diving and won the gold medal issued by the competition.”He is from Iran. He is 101 years old. He won the silver medal in the first Asian Games in 1951.” Hussein said that the World Championships specially held a project that allows the public to participate. In addition to the Iranian centenarian athletes, the participants except the Iranian centenarian athletesThere are people in their 80s and 90s, “seeing water projects can accompany people’s lives.”
Open the “brain hole” integration and development
The first phase of the 135th Canton Fair just closed, Hussein also felt the vitality and enthusiasm of the city.”I am very familiar with the Canton Fair and have paid attention to the past few decades. It is the right direction to promote the development of the sports industry through international economic and trade.”
“The combination of the Canton Fair and diving will collide with the ‘water flower’?” Hussein provided a creative plan for Guangzhou on the spot.”Or can be considered that during the period of the Canton Fair, a water project competition is held, or it is not necessarily even a water project or a top event. As long as it is held at the same time, it will definitely bring huge traffic and create value to both sides.”
He shared the high -platform diving project that was previously held in the UAE, and completed the platform construction by the sea for 3 days.”The atmosphere of local diving and water projects is not very strong, but many citizens feel very interesting to come and watch, and there are no seats on the scene. Similar cases are replicated in Guangzhou.” He imagined that Guangzhou does not even need indoor venues.Pearl River, “You can explore the possibility of holding a diving competition outside the venue of the Canton Fair.”
Hussein told reporters that there are 210 countries and regions in the World Championships, and there are tens of thousands of participants in mass sports activities held in the competition.”If we move this activity to Guangzhou, I believe the number can still double again.”
Hussein is currently the Director -General of the Asian Olympic Council, the Chairman of the World Swimming Federation, and Secretary -General of the Kuwait Olympic Committee.
He was born in Kuwait on May 19, 1960, was selected as the Kuwait National Swimming Team at the age of 13. He had participated in the work of the Asian Olympic Council in the 1980s and was first selected as the management of the World Swimming Federation in 1996.At the Asian Olympic Council meeting held in Guangzhou in 2005, Hussein was elected as the Director -General; in 2015, he served as the first vice chairman of the World Swimming Federation and was elected chairman of the World Swimming Federation in 2021.
Text/Guangzhou Daily Xinhua City Reporter: Sun Jiahui Jia Zhengfang QingFigure/Guangzhou Daily Xinhua City Reporter: Mo WeipunGuangzhou Daily Xinhua City Editor: Huang Xinyi

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