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According to the People’s Daily, the spring breeze dances neutral, and the new fashion has opened.On March 18th, with the theme of “Realm from the Freshman”, the AW2024 Beijing Fashion Week carrying the oriental charm and international vision, the Legend of Xiong Ying Gaia, Huaxia Bihua 2024AW brand released officially opened.From March 18th to 22nd, as one of the key activities in Beijing’s consumer season in 2024, AW2024 Beijing Fashion Week will hold a series of colorful activities such as trend release, business exhibitions, digital fashion.

Signing a strategic cooperation agreement to create coordinating innovation value growth

Gu Weida, the chairman of the Beijing Fashion Week Organizing Committee and the party committee secretary and chairman of the Beijing Fashion Holding Co., Ltd., said in his speech that Beijing Fashion Week as an important platform for the capital’s fashion industry. In the past nine years, the key promotion of technological innovation for industrial upgrading has been keen.Forces, join hands with well -known brands and designers to show the trend of trend and creativity, create a diversified fashion consumption experience, continue to lead the fashion industry to explore and innovate in depth, and start a new chapter of the capital’s fashion and cultural industry.

At the opening ceremony, Beijing Fashion Week signed a strategic cooperation with Wanda Commercial Management Beijing Urban Company and Jiangsu Changshu Clothing City Management Committee to create a value growth for Beijing Fashion Week to create collaborative innovation.

In addition, at the opening site, Beijing Fashion Week and Beijing School of clothing art and engineering jointly carried out the first launch of the “Wanfang Music Anti -阗: Chinese -style modern western practice -Hetian textile clothing industry research and design innovation”The audience jointly witnessed the construction results of the Beijing Fashion Week “Beijing Non -Heritage Fashion Culture Incubation Platform”.

Hold activities such as “Fashion Yue” to ignite the enthusiasm of consumption in Beijing

In the wave of globalization, international consumer cities have become a key force to promote fashion trends and consumer growth.As an important carrier of the capital’s fashion industry, Beijing Fashion Week actively implements the relevant requirements of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce’s “Beijing Cultivation and Construction International Consumer Center City in 2024” to help the cultivation and construction of Beijing International Consumer Center.

In the Beijing Fashion Week “Fashion Hyathered Festival” event held from March 16th to 24th, fashion brands such as Xuelian and Pure Touch, a subsidiary of Beijing Fashion Holdings Group, and Wanda Commercial Management Beijing City Company in Beijing 12 stores, andA total of 18 shopping malls such as department stores, Dongan Market, and Changan Shopping Malls under the Wangfujing Group will jointly create a three -dimensional and diversified fashion consumption scene.During the event, major brands of offline physical stores and online e -commerce platforms will simultaneously carry out new new spring preferential promotion activities to stimulate consumption enthusiasm and lead a new round of consumption boom.

At the same time, AW2024 Beijing Fashion Week specially launched Week UP trend exhibition, showing the latest trend design concepts, integrating non -heritage cultural elements, creating a special trading exhibition integrating fashion design and traditional craftsmanshipPlatforms to expand business channels and dock multiple resources.

Innovate the image of the national style image AI digital people “Jin”

This time, Fashion Week’s pioneering introduction of online virtual releases and AI digital public conferences, such as cutting -edge technology methods, allows scientific and technological factors to deeply penetrate into the core areas of the fashion industry.The live broadcast session of the show is based on the way to directly strike the brand show to achieve instant global dissemination.At the same time, the short video content is used for trend release, attracting the attention of the younger generation in a novel and unique form, and effectively stimulating the industry’s innovative vitality.

It is worth noting that the innovation of the fashion week has introduced the national style image AI digital man “Jin”.As the leading official of non -heritage fashion figures, “Jin” has been carried out and inherited the deep cultural heritage cultural heritage with the help of digital technology, and interpreted and interpreted the modern transformation and innovation development of the excellent traditional culture of China from a new perspective.

During this time, the legend of Xiong Ying, Sheguang Hu, Joya MA, J By Ho, Beibei Teachers and Students’ Outstanding Works, Designer Li Wei Publication Conference and Strange Point Program · One -line popcorn Youth Fashion Designer United UnionMany shows such as the press conference have been staged one after another to show the charm of Chinese fashion and culture.

Among them, the “Summary Plan”, as a new project launched by Beijing Fashion Week this season, is committed to supporting the growth of Chinese designers in all aspects, building a platform for them to show their talents and collision creative.Live innovation motivation and sources of inspiration.

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