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Ecological environmental law enforcement officers detect motor vehicles.Weibo@微 微 微 微 微

On March 21, 2024, the Beijing Ecological and Environment Bureau notified eight typical cases of ecological and environmental violations in 2023. The first of which was a case involving cheating data of automobile exhaust emissions.

According to reports, in September 2023, law enforcement officers of the Beijing Ecological and Environment Bureau screened and inspected data and videos through regular discharge inspection and supervision systems and found that in the data of a number of motor vehicle inspection reports and inspection processes of a motor vehicle inspection enterprise in Huairou District,The vehicle code information read read by the vehicle emissions diagnosis system (OBD) is completely the same.

The vehicle emissions diagnostic system is a pollution control device for monitoring the working conditions of the vehicle emission system, and diagnosed and prompts faults.Under normal circumstances, vehicles of different vehicle manufacturers cannot appear the same vehicle code information.

After discovering the suspicious clues, law enforcement officers conducted further investigations and found that the inspection unit involved in the case adopted the compulsory shutdown computer to terminate the inspection procedures and the accelerator of illegal and external accelerators when the 7 vehicles did not meet the inspection standards.As a result, the unqualified vehicles passed the test and passed the inspection to the “qualified” vehicle.

According to the relevant provisions of the “People’s Republic of China”, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Ecological and Environment ordered the enterprise to make corrections, confiscated 750 yuan of illegal income, and fined 500,000 yuan.

The Beijing Ecological and Environment Bureau said that the motor vehicle emission inspection agency is an important technical gateway to prevent vehicles from exceeding the standard. If its inspection process is faked, the inspection and supervision will inevitably affect the air quality.The ecological environmental law enforcement department will continue to strengthen the supervision and control of the motor vehicle inspection process, “for falsification, discover a serious handling together.”

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